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HDMI swapping red and blue, Polycom HDX 6000?

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OK here it goes.... Brand new Panasonic TH-65PF12UK, 35' HDMI cable from Polycom HDX 6000, also brand new. Picture thru HDMI slot 2 port A or B on the Panny shows picture with blue and red exchanged. My orange Louisville ladder is royal blue, caucasians look like smurfs. Same TV, same HDMI cable connected to HDMI out of TIVO HD looks fine. Same video conferencing unit, same cable, connected to Sharp LC 19SB27 looks fine.
Have tried changing output of polycom to 720p and 1080i, no difference.
Have factory reset polycom several times and upgraded to latest software, no change. Have reseated Panasonic HDMI card.
Have new Polycom on it's way, but any insight as to what is going on would be appreciated. Color Bar diagnostic screen from polycom shows aqua marine swapped with yellow and red swapped with blue.
been a bang your head against the table day..........
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Sounds like it may not be communicating YCbCr/RGB properly, or you have manually set the input setting for this wrong on the display, or you have manually set it wrong on the device and it's not communicating that to the display.
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slot 2 is set to HDMI, polycom output is set to HDMI
have changed to other settings, reset, applied appropriate settings again.
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What do you mean it's "set to HDMI?"

I'm talking about what colorspace is being output. If the display only accepts RGB and the source is outputting YCbCr, or vice versa, or is set as such, then your colors will be totally whacked out, which might be the cause of your problem, and probably the most common cause. Otherwise could be a million other things including device failure.
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By "set to HDMI" I mean that when I open the admin. settings of the polycom I am given the following choices for output type (even though the only output jack on the HDX 6000 is an HDMI): composite, svhs, component, DVI, and HDMI. HDMI is currently entered.
The Panasonic monitor has 3 slots for input boards of many types. The software in the TV detects what type of board is installed in each slot. As far as I can tell there is no manual settings to change this. I have taken the 2- HDMI port card that comes factory installed in slot 2 and have moved it to slot 3, have tried both port A and B, same problem.
New Polycom HDX 6000 was sent overnight. Plugged in today, same problem. New 15m HDMI cable, same problem. Once again, TIVO output on HDMI looks fine on Panasonic, and both Polycom conferencing units thru either HDMI cable look fine on other displays.
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I think Chris is right that it's a colorspace problem. Do any of your setup options on any of your devices allow you to choose RGB or Y/Pb/Pr (or Y/Cb/Cr)? That's what I would look for. Alternatively, I'd try switching your output setting to DVI, which should lock the colorspace in as RGB, and see if that makes a difference.

Devices are supposed to communicate colorspace info to one another via the HDMI handshake so that this sort of thing doesn't happen, but unfortunately, sometimes it does anyway. Usually, though, there is a way to force it via manual settings. If changing settings on the output device doesn't work, try mucking about in the display settings--sometimes you can manually specify the colorspace there.

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If the replaced polycom is causing the same problem, this definitely sounds like a settings problem. Suggest you try the DVI setting which should force RGB, it sounds like YCbCr/RGB is not being communicated properly or is being manually overridden by wrongly set options in either the output device or the display.

I am also fairly certain that this line of Panasonic plasmas has a manual setting for the DVI input that selects between YCbCr and RGB. I believe Panasonic labels the setting YUV/RGB input select or something like that. I would start with this. This is probably set wrong in the TV.

It is in the manual. Read the manual.
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I am having a very similar issue using a DVI source to a DA then have DVI-HDMI running to a Pani and consumer tv . when in 720p I have the red and blue switched on the Pani but fine for the consumer. But when in 1080p i have correct color space on both. I can't seem to be able to force the Pani to change color space when using the HDMI input card.
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other than conventional color adjustments and gamma adjustments, there is no way to change the settings you are describing on the HDMI card of this model of Panasonic monitor. They may exist for DVI or component, but are not available on HDMI. If this has to be accessed thru some other type of service mode, then it's time to send the display back. Setting the output of the Polycom to anything other than HDMI renders no output whatsoever, even on displays the unit is functioning correctly on. The Polycom has to be reset to reengage the HDMI output.
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Are you sure?


See page 48.

If you have to, just get an HDMI to DVI adapter and try that into the DVI board if present.

I don't recall running into this problem with this display.
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I guess I am just not as smart as you. Where in any of my posts have I talked about a DVI input? It is not included with the set and I shouldn't have to purchase one to make up for a shortcoming on Panasonic's end.There is no mention of anything regarding DVI on page 48 or anywhere else in that manual. (that I have already read, or else I wouldn't be wasting people's time posting this problem.)
Please explain in more detail your position of how adjusting settings for the component video/RGB card will correct the issues I am having with the HDMI input. Did you see the note at the bottom of page 48 that says selection of some features may not be possible depending on what model of optional board is installed?
Have you specifically connected a Polycom HDX6000 to this exact display thru the HDMI input without problem?
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the latest: Panasonic's latest response to this issue is that it may be due to not using a Panasonic brand HDMI cable...............yep, that's all they got
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I know it's an old thread, but have just pruchase a brand new HDX 6000, and had the same issue.

Solution was to set output to HDMI | 1080i. The problem occured with output set to HDMI | 1080p.

The TV was the culprit, not the VC.
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Originally Posted by Crystalline View Post

I know it's an old thread, but have just pruchase a brand new HDX 6000, and had the same issue.

Solution was to set output to HDMI | 1080i. The problem occured with output set to HDMI | 1080p.

The TV was the culprit, not the VC.

Interesting. Thanks for filling in the blank in case someone else has this problem in the future.
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Always amazed when folk post a question then question the answer 'because they know best' and refuse to look at the obvious solution.


PS not aimed at the latest posters!
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