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Need Your Help With Projector Installation Please

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As the title says, I could use your expertise and assistance with a projector installation. This will be my second projector. The first, a Sharp Sharp XV-Z12000 MKII, was installed by a friends son who had a significant amount of projector, and home theater installation experience. He was in a rush due to another comittment, so it was not as though I had much opportunity to observe his work.

My room is thus, already set up and awaiting the installation of a just arrived, and much awaited JVC RS20 that I was fortunate enough to be able to pick up on a great deal from AVS as a refurb/B-stock unit.

It's the basic physical installation details that I am not entirely certain of, but hopefully the fact that everything is ready for the new projector will make that an easier task.

The projector will sit on a custom built shelf enclosure that is on the opposite side of the wall, in another room, allowing the projector to send its output into the home theater room through an opening in the wall, as in a movie theater.

The other room specifics are as follows:

projection distance - 15 feet

shelf height - 56 inches from the floor

110 inch screen

Any assistance in how to correctly physically install the projector, and get it initially working with an image on the sceeen, would be a tremendous help.

Once installed and working, I will then be trying hard to closely adhere to Art from Projector Reviews recommended settings for the RS20:


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Not sure I really know what your specific question is on the hardware installation.

Just make sure your cabinet is not too tight and the projector has normal air flow and the vents are not blocked, that is the most important thing. Since your projector has lens shift, you don't even need to worry about lining up the projector lens to the screen (just get it ballpark). Your projector can automatically move the projected path both vertically and horizontally with LENS shift. I think the RS20 has the lens shift on the remote itself and/or the menu, so just use the motorized lens shift controls to line up the picture to the screen.

Note that your question is an almost impossible to answer without knowing what hardware you already have and what your specific plans are for setup (cable box?, Bluray player?, UPS?, HDMI switches?, other cables, where stuff goes in your room, etc...).

Read this thread and specifically the 5th post down that I posted, and maybe this will help, I am not really an expert but I have shelf mounted a few projectors in my day...

Here are some images of my own setup that might help or give you ideas??
(scroll down past the initial images to see the actual SETUP images)

First, to ensure lamp life in case your power goes out, it is recommended that you plug a projector into a UPS power device, these can be found at newegg.com. You should only need 350 watts or so, just pick one that has decent reviews (any 350+ watt one should work). Personally I would shoot for 450 watts or higher just because the battery will last longer. What the UPS does is allows your lamp to cool down in the case of a power outage. Some UPS also have voltage regulation and cleanup to maintain a better electrical signal.

UPS section of Newegg:

If you have a volt meter, make sure your electricity is fairly clean (around 120 volts, but even a 10% to 15% variance is generally ok, anything more and I would certainly buy a UPS with AVR built in (automatic voltage regulation).

If you have 3 or more devices to hookup to your projector, then the first thing you will need is an HDMI switch (about $40), you can get one at Monoprice.com, just type HDMI switch in their search box. Make sure the switch specs say 1.3b on it to ensure it is one of the newer models. Depending on how many devices you have and how far you will be putting the cable box, bluray player, you also need to buy HDMI cables. Make sure to get decent and thick HDMI cables if you are running them more than 12' long to the switch.

If your putting the AV devices behind you as it sounds like, then you'll need a Remote Extender so that your remotes can still work when your A/V equipment is behind you. For this I recommend the Next Generation Remote control extender with extender eyes:


For the extender EYES
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Thanks, very much, Coderguy,

You went above and beyond with your response. All of my other equipment is locked in and ready, I simply wasn't sure about how I install the projector. All of the vents are clear, as this is smaller than my original projector. But do I make sure it is absolutely level? How close to the wall opening do I set the lens? I know nothing about using lens shift. Etc. What physical adjustments do I need to make?

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It should be as level as possible. It should not matter how close to the opening you set the lens as long as the projected image isn't hitting something, just use the zoom and lens shift to make the necessary adjustment. The lens shift is very simple, it just moves the picture around with controls on the remote so you can align the picture to the screen. It will be obvious once you start to use it. Consult the RS20 manual to see how, it should be downloadable in PDF format.
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If mounted on a shelf this should make things much easier to work with. If you already had a PJ installed, lets assume you already have the shelf and screen level. Disconnect cables, install the JVC fire it up and see what the image looks like. You can adjust the feet on the bottom of the PJ if need be. From there, zoom and focus the image on screen. It's really not hard at all. If you get stuck some where, post back. Allot of experience here on the forums, so fear not some one can answer your questions.
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