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Screen Elitech Fixed Frame 110" what do u think?

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I am looking to purchase this screen. I was wondering if anybody has knowledge about this screen or may own one. I wanted to get your opinion and if you would recommend this screen for the price and quality. Also in my home theater room during the day I have a little bit of light coming in. not too much. I know they offer a white screen and a gray one. I don't know which would be best. I know I want the best clean image. I have a optima HD20 projector. If anybody has an opinion please comment. Here is the link for the elitech screen. thanks

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i am glad that everybody is sharing their opinion here. dont reply its to much reading here on this thread. Its a joke. 277 views and nobody can comment and help out. yup i c
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Probably because nobody here has ever heard of this screen manufacturer. I'm guessing from the poor grammar and spelling on the screen info page that this is one of a gaggle of cheap Asian screens now flowing into the country. Most of them are adequate starter screens if you get one that arrives undamaged. Did you read Professional AV's store policy? Basically, they won't be much help if there's a problem. If I were in the market for a starter screen, I would probably look into buying an Elite screen through a reputable dealer, such as AV Science store (the forum sponsor). I'd buy a white one.
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I have bought at least five of Elitech Fixed Frame screens, the screen quality is excellent and the price is fantastic. Elitech screens got 100% positive feedback with more than 1800 reviews on eBay.

As to my knowledge, Elitech is a very strong competitor of Elite screen, both of them sell projector screens made in China, their quality are both good, but Elitech screen's price is much better than Elite screen.

Whether to buy a white one or grey one? That depends on your special situation: if your room is completely dark when you turn off your light, you should buy a grey screen, because the grey screen surface offers you better darkened background, creates a high contrast, sharp and vibrant image. However, if your room has ambient light after you turn off the light, or if your projector's ANSI lumen is less than 1800, you should consider buying a white screen, which gives you a brighter image than grey one.
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