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Gosh Lauren Graham is pretty biggrin.gif

That is all. LOL
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It's always interesting to watch the similarities and differences in Max and my own son. The utter lack of nerves in front of dozens of people is always amazing to me. It took me years to achieve that myself. My son had it at 8yo. Whoever writes the character is doing well.
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I did not see the twist in Max's speech coming at all. I was cringing when he started speaking and was expecting the worst. Once again, this show keeps us on our toes.
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I enjoyed last nights show but was a bit bothered by the surgery sequence. It was way too stylized. When you get wheeled into the OR, you've already been fully prepped and have an IV line running with saline and antibiotics. Christina went in looking like she just dropped in for a visit. That might have been handled more realistically. As far as the rest of that plot thread went, it was very accurate and well done. The surgeon's (very well played by Kurt Fuller, one of the best character acters around) post-op consult with the Bravermans was nicely done as well. The real gut wrenching scene was Adam and Christina's not telling Hattie about the Chemo treatments that were on the horizon so that she would head back to school. Again, from my personal experience, this is one of the most difficult aspects of any major medical issue to deal with. There is no right or wrong and how the kid(s) react when they do find out is a real crap shoot. Invariably though, the do find out, usually from someone else in the family and that can lead to to some serious resentment. It's an extremely dicey issue and the show portrayed it well.

On another note, it's nice to see Matt Lauria (Ryan) in this show. He did some very good work in Friday Night Lights and he and Mae Whitman have some nice onscreen chemistry.
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From the "Hot Off The Press" Thread (top of 'HDTV Programming' page). smile.gif

TV Notes
Ray Romano To Return To ‘Parenthood’
By Nellie Andreeva, Deadline.com - Jan. 21, 2013

EXCLUSIVE: This is the news Parenthood fans had been waiting for — I’ve learned that Ray Romano has closed a deal to return to the quirky NBC dramedy next season, reprising his character as Sarah’s (Lauren Graham) boss/paramour Hank Rizzoli. I hear Romano will have a major presence, appearing in as many as 12-15 episodes, in line with the 14 episodes he did this season.

Parenthood‘s recent fourth season finale threw Hank’s future into question when Sarah turned down her handsome young fiancé Mark Cyr (Jason Ritter) for Hank, only to learn that Hank was moving to Minnesota to be near his daughter. I hear Romano’s decision to return stems from the great relationship he’d developed with Parenthood developer/executive producer Jason Katims working on the show, something he had enjoyed since joining the cast at the beginning of last season. The underrated Parenthood, which has been one of the most reliable NBC drama performers, is moving to the high-profile Thursday 10 PM slot this fall. Romano, repped by ICM Partners, Conversation Company and Jon Moonves, won an Emmy for his starring role on the CBS comedy Everybody Loves Raymond and co-created and starred on the praised TNT dramedy Men Of A Certain Age.

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Funny, Ray's character was my least like character of last season. I was really glad to see him go. For me he came off as a wet blanket and a downer in a show full of interesting and varied people. I guess the writers felt they needed a designated schlub among the cast.
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Anybody catch the season premier last night? Glad to see Miss Lauren Graham is still featured on the show. She is smokin' biggrin.gif
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A nice start to the new season!
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My DVR and I missed it, but see that NBC is providing the full episode on their website.

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This show is definitely within my perimeter. biggrin.gif
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i am getting concerned. each week now parenthood is seeing a series low...
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Instead of "The Ring", they should have named the last episode, "How to End Your Engagement".
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