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Theater recliner with foldable arm rest

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Hi all!

Has anyone seen theater recliners with foldable arm rests? I love the seats at our local XD theater as they are leather with foldable arm rests so that my wife and I can sit next to each other when we want, but also have a drink holder when we need one. Of course, they recline as well, but obviously don't have a foot rest. I'd really like to find a reclining theater seat with foot rests and foldable arm rests. Does such a thing exist?

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It does, let me see if I find the link.
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Well never mind, can't seem to find any now.

I think they never really took off in this market and just to show I wasn't making it up here's a thread where came up with some pics down a few posts.


The links to the products shown either are no good or no longer show the products. The only other thing to think about is that you can get Home Theater Seats with either a center console and 2 love seat setup or 4 seat setup which gives you a loveseat in the middle and a 2 armed chair either side. This way you still have an armrest available all the time.

Like so:

BTW the sofas with armrests were really pricey.
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You can get what you want custom made from Carolina chairs.
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I remember that thread! I read through it a number of times, but as you mention, those sofas were REALLY expensive and custom made.

Billie, I'll check into Carolina chairs, unfortunately I don't have a huge budget so if they're custom made, they're probably outside of my price range

I've been contemplating the 4 chair setup but unfortunately my room isn't quite wide enough (12') to accomodate 4 chairs and still have a decent walkway to the second row. I may just be relegated to a 3 seat setup with no arm rests in the middle.
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What about something like this?

Not a bad price either. It's bonded leather so you'd have to compromise there but it might be worth it for the functionality, price and look that you want.
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Dr Lecterr,

Awesome! It looks like "Fortress" Seating offers retractable arms as an option. They are not the cheapest seats, but not extraordinarily expensive either.


I thought about something like that but unfortunately I lose a seat when the armrest comes down. It may be an alternative if the fortress proves cost prohibitive.

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Wow, just checked out the fortress seating web site. Some of those seats with the double chaise in the middle look incredibly inviting. I may have to rethink my seating strategy when it comes time to purchase something.
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