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Cambridge SoundWorks Model 6?

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Hi all,

This is supposedly a 'classic' design and it is a 2-way design with a woofer of unknown material (perhaps a poly/carbon?) / foam surround and a paper cone tweeter.

I am looking for a surround system. I would really like an MTM array, but what do people think of a classic 2-way design for the front 3-channels? In my research this is one of the most universally praised speakers for prices under $400. I've always liked the sound of paper cone tweeters, so that's not a big deal to me, although I do prefer silk/fabric dome tweets a bit more.

I've always preferred vocals on 8" speakers as opposed to 6.5" and smaller sizes. Something about the depth in the vocal tone from an 8" that just sounds 'better' to me on music content. I haven't had the chance to really gauge what an 8" sounds like on movie content, but I figured a dual 6.5" design would be sufficient to duplicate the vocal depth I like.

The speaker is 13-inches tall, which is fine. I will be mounting whatever speaker I choose on 3 pedastals under the screen. Like this:

So. What do you guys think of a 3 speaker front stage of these "value" babies? Would my original MTM array still be the better idea?
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I never heard a Henry Kloss designed speaker I didn't like.

If you have 3 of 'em, I would give it a try.
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