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At some point, I'll be saying, "I'm too old for this."
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Mass Effect Trilogy:

The better news is ME1 will be available to buy from PSN. I think the PS3 trilogy version hasn't been announced is the pricing issue. Obviously, Bioware has to develop ME1 game for PS3 but do they want to include it as part of the trilogy for the same price as other platforms? I do hope ME1 on PS3 has shorten the loading time by showing Shepard's team standing in the elevator.

Second is the trilogy doesn't say if it includes any of the DLCs. Again PS3 version for ME2 complicates the DLC because standalone version includes all the DLC except the final one.

No info for Wii U if ME1 and ME2 will ever be released on the platform. I really wonder what Nintendo says if asked why there is no ME1 and ME2 for Wii U. It's harder for any excuse now because they can't say ME1 is still exclusive to X360/PC.
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We did, operation was a success (just over 600,000 Atlas; destroyed!)
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Originally Posted by WilliamR View Post

We did, operation was a success (just over 600,000 Atlas; destroyed!)

It would be nice if the goal challenge is shown is realtime or at least end of the day.

I have several Gamertag/PSN ID linked to ME3 MP and almost everyone got N7 Eagle weapon as the reward.

Anyone that plays ME3 on both PS3 and X360. If you don't have Gold Live on X360, make sure to create the ME3 MP with the same email as PS3 version. That way when you do win individual challenge on the PS3 version, you get the reward on both PS3 and X360.

With multiple Gamertag/PSN sharing the same ME3 account email, if you don't feel like promoting your max out Level 20 class, you can always play on other gamertag account. Every wins are shared with the same galaxy readiness but each Gamertag/PSN ID does need to maintain its own group of fighters. It's like being an admiral getting to be in charge of multiple teams of same classes than one team of different classes.
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Mass Effect Trilogy info:

100% the same as the original retail release for each game. X360 version doesn't include any DLC as found on the Platinum version.

I bet EA/Bioware is trying to figure out if PS3 version should include any of the DLCs on ME2.
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by not having any paid DLC in the trilogy package, there's no reason to own it if you're a 360 owner unless you want the pretty packaging.
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Originally Posted by onlysublime View Post

by not having any paid DLC in the trilogy package, there's no reason to own it if you're a 360 owner unless you want the pretty packaging.

The issue of free DLC is not if I can download for free. Sometimes, I just want to install all the free DLCs directly off the disc quickly than having to wait from downloading over the internet. If the free story based DLC, what if I don't have internet connection? The obvious answer is EA/Bioware doesn't want to spend the cost to print an additional DVD disc to store them.
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Upcoming Mass Effect 3 Patch 4 Patch Notes

Mass Effect 3 Patch 4 Patch Notes

A new patch will be coming this week for Mass Effect 3 which will improve your gaming experience!

On X360 and PS3, you will be prompted to update your software, just confirm and wait for it to complete. On PC you will need to install the patch through Origin before you launch Mass Effect 3. Wait for it to complete installation before playing.

We expect the patch to be available Thursday this week, but will update when we have more information.

Issues Fixed:

- Fixed tutorial tip that didn't properly display an unbound command
- Fixed an issue in multiplayer where if a character has DLC weapons equipped, and the DLC associated to the weapons is deleted, the weapon loadout screen displayed no weapons
- Sabotage power evolution 6 increased tech damage bonus no longer stacks
- Fixed a rare crash in the final mission level involving the firing of the Cain at the Hades Cannon.
- Fixed the Encumbrance Bar from not updating correctly for the Earth DLC weapon mods
- Fixed weapons with natural piercing from having their damage reduced with piercing mods equipped
- Incinerate power evolution 5 now gives a damage bonus to frozen and chilled enemies
- Krogan Vanguard Rage bonuses now work properly
- Fixed Shepard's shadow from not appearing after entering and exiting an Atlas
- Fixed quitting/disconnecting while holding Retrieve Object that could cause the Retrieve Object to disappear
- Fixed users logging off or disconnecting during gameplay from not being able to return online until rebooting the game
- Players can no longer grab Geth Pyros over cover
- Fixed issue in which enemies surviving a detonated Stasis blast became invulnerable
- Attempting to equip similar weapon mods will now present a 'Slot Occupied' message
- Asari Justicar passive power evolution 3 power damage and force bonus now works properly
- Disruptor Rounds consumable (all ranks) damage multiplier against shields and barriers increased from 100% to 400%
- Particle Rifle no longer replenishes ammo from ammo boxes and supply pylons
- Fixed an issue when using Biotic Charge before death that caused the match to be unplayable afterwards
- Fixed pathing for Banshees so they don't get stuck in a teleport routine
- Fixed Asari Justicar from not being able to activate Biotic Sphere within range of large enemies
- Fixed dropping Retrieve Objects that could potentially fall under the level
- All Batarian and Krogan kits will now stagger less than other kits
- Ops Survival Packs now grant a one second damage immunity when consumed
- Singularity power re-designed:

Singularity no longer has a maximum number of charges and will only be destroyed when the time runs out

Performing a biotic combo on someone floating in the singularity no longer ends the singularity

Base cooldown changed to 8 seconds

Base duration of the singularity changed to 8 seconds

Base power now does 100 points of damage per second to all targets that are in range, even if not floating in the singularity

Base power sets up biotic combos on everyone that comes into range (only 1 combo added per enemy per cast of singularity)

Rank 3 changed to a damage over time bonus (used to be a radius and duration bonus)

Evolve 1 changed to singularity duration bonus (used to be a hold duration bonus and number of charges increase)

Evolve 5 changed to damage over time bonus (used to be a radius increase mechanic)

Evolve 6 now detonates biotic combos when the singularity explodes

- Fixed an issue with the Banshee being able to sync-kill players farther than she should be able to
- Fixed an issue with Firebase Jade giving partial extractions when all players are already inside the extraction zone
- Fixed SMG Ultralight Materials Mod not having impact on power recharge speed
- Fixed Armor Piercing Ammo not applying penetration bonus to secondary weapon
- Fixed player death camera beginning before a sync kill is complete
- Fixed an issue with talent points remaining after a character promotion
- Melee creatures will now completely ignore pets (drones, decoys, etc.) rather than just having a chance to ignore them
- Fixed an issue with Private Lobbies not staying private after the match has begun
- Krysae no longer ignores enemy shield gates
- Fixed various weapon sound-replications for clients
- Concussive Shot changes:

Evolution 3 damage and force bonus now applies to frozen and chilled targets

Evolution 5 changed to increase damage by 50% and radius by 1 meter (used to take on the properties of your ammo power, but this did not work)

Evolution 6 damage bonus to organics increased from 100% to 200% over 10 seconds

- Fixed issue where enemies in Stasis surviving a biotic detonation would become un-synchronized for clients
- Fixed Leviathan DLC Weapon Mods not carrying over to New Game +
- Marksman will instantly reload weapon ammunition when activated
- N7 Shadow Sword Mastery power evolution 5 and 6 now apply to Shadow Strike damage
- Fixed Atlas rocket applying damage over time on N7 Paladins using the Omni-Shield
- Fixed automatic revive at a specific spot in Firebase White
- Fixed an issue with ammo boxes causing players to be unable to fire weapons after attempting to refill grenades
- Fixed an issue with the Krysae Sniper rifle not functioning properly on squad members (Firefight pack)
- Can now headshot Banshees, Geth Primes, and Brutes for an extra 40% weapon damage.
- Can now shoot the Atlas’ exhaust port on his back for an extra 40% weapon damage.
- Fixed the health bar position of Tactical Scan on Swarmers
- Fixed an issue with enemies approaching a downed player to execute, but showing mercy and leaving
- Fixed seeking projectile powers occasionally failing to impact targets even though it appeared to impact
- Successfully extracting from a match gives 10% bonus credits. This reward does not depend on your squad members – you must extra personally to get the reward.
- Fixed an issue that caused the Retrieve Objective wave to not recognize the recovery of the object when it enters the retrieve zone
- Fixed bleedout effect that was disappearing when another player used an Ops Survival Pack
- Fixed Decoy that was blocking the use of ladders to NPCs and squadmates
- Fixed Flamer power of Vorcha from being activated simultaneously with the Reegar Carbine
- Fixed icons of powers disappearing from the Character Screen
- Fixed an issue with Ken/Gabby and Tali/Garrus ambient dialogues not triggering in Normandy engineering
- Fixed an issue in which purchasing multiplayer card pack purchases would not complete

Exploits Fixed:

- Fixed an exploit that allowed players to be invincible and invisible to enemies
- Fixed an exploit where players were able to use rockets from other weapons

PS3 Only:

- Fixed an issue on PS3 where after accepting an invite, a player could get stuck in a multiplayer screen by entering the store from the promo screen and then exiting without purchase
- Fixed a crash when pressing PS button during the game's boot sequence

PC Only:

- Fixed the hint popup to update mouse left click and right click bindings
- Fixed an issue that made Origin users display their game as joinable when their game is full
- Fixed a crash on Firebase Rio caused by heavy melee

Xbox Only

- Fixed a rare crash (black screen) on Xbox 360: Upon booting up the game and attempting to reach the title screen, players will now be able to get to title screen to recover their save games. Progress to locked achievements will be reset. Achievements already unlocked will remain unaffected.
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Every patch is another nail in the coffin that is ME3. Sad.
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A lot of these fixes should have come months ago, such as providing credits for extraction and the vanguard glitch.
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October 2 Multiplayer Balance Changes

October 2, 2012

AT-12 Raider Shotgun now available as a new Rare weapon

Gear Items
- Decreased bonuses from Densified Ammunition to max out at 10% instead of 12%
- For the following items, any bonuses that maxed out at 10% now max out at 12%
- Berserker Package
- Operative Package
- Commando Package
- Warfighter Package
- Expert Package
- Stronghold Package
- Guerrilla Upgrade
- Combatives Upgrade
- Shock Trooper Upgrade
- Juggernaut Shield
- Martial Biotic Amp
- Omni-Capacitors
- Responder Loadout

Singularity Power
- Singularity duration decreased to 8 seconds in preparation for the re-design of the power in the upcoming patch

Shockwave Power
- Rank 3 force bonus increased from 20% to 25% (May 9 balance changes missed this)

Wraith Shotgun
- Damage increased from [102.3-127.8] to [117.6-147.0]

Crusader Shotgun
- Damage increased from [573.4-716.75] to [630.7-788.4]

Argus Assault Rifle
- Damage increased from [131.8-164.8] to [164.8-206.0]

Black Widow Sniper Rifle
- Damage increased from [514.1-642.6] to [591.2-739.0]
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So, I just stumbled on the endings to this (have around 30 hours in) including the Refusal ending. I then proceeded to spoil everything because I decided I didn't care. Now, knowing the choices I'm going to come into and the endings they result in, I really have lost the desire to finish the game. The franchise, for me, has been pretty disappointing as a whole. The first game was pretty good and had potential and then they totally botched the RPG elements in 2 and 3. I played this one just to finish the story...and because it was cheap. :/ Anyway, I guess I'm just venting now that I've spoiled the ending(s) for myself.
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Operation Overdrive Weeekend Operation October 5th-7th

Based on intel recovered during Operation PATRIOT, we are anticipating a massive strike from the Reapers on multiple fronts. Our information officers and special-ops teams stationed behind enemy lines require immediate extraction.

Squad Goal: Full extraction on any map, against any enemy, at any difficulty in 20 minutes or less. Squads can be any size.

Allied Goal: Complete 200,000 extraction waves on any difficulty. Squads can be any size. Full extraction not required.

Special Circumstance: None

Squad Goal Success: All squad members awarded a Commendation Pack
Allied Goal Success: All players awarded a Victory Pack
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Multiplayer DLC - Retaliation Announcement

The Collectors have returned, in Mass Effect 3: Retaliation! The Retaliation Pack is the newest expansion to Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer experience and the largest upgrade to date. The Collectors have returned and are available as a new enemy in multiplayer matches. Prepare to face off against the Collector Praetorian, Scion, Abomination, Trooper, and Captain. Reports have also come in that Cerberus has enlisted the Dragoon to their ranks and the Geth are deploying new Drones to the battlefield.

A host of new characters have joined the war to fight this new threat, including the Turian Havoc Soldier, Turian Ghost Infiltrator, with many more being added on a regular basis. Wage war across six maps, featuring new environmental hazards and traps. A regular rotation of Firebases will be introduced to different hazards as they come under attack. Survive the onslaught of Acid, Lightening, Meltdowns, Sandstorms, Swarms and Whiteouts! The Collectors have also brought deadly new weapons to the fight: the Collector Assault Rifle, Sub-Machine Gun, and Sniper Rifle. Unlock these weapons and new equipment upgrades to build to your arsenal.

Think you are the best soldier in the Alliance? Make sure to track your progress in the new “Challenges” database in Retaliation. Complete various multiplayer assignments and feats of strength to unlock titles and banners to display in-game, then compare your progress against your friend.

The Retaliation begins on Oct 9th.

Check out the new Retaliation trailer


Some of the included features:

New Multiplayer kits including:

Turian Havoc Soldier

Turian Ghost Infiltrator

and more

6 maps with new environmental hazards and traps including:

Firebase Ghost

Firebase Dagger

Firebase Giant

Three new weapons

Collector Assault Rifle

Collector Sniper Rifle

Collector SMG

Three new Ammo types

Explosive rounds

Phasic Rounds

Drill Rounds

Five new Gear Items

Medi-Gel Transmitter

Armored Compartments

Responer Loadout

Survivor Loadout

Assault Loadout
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And here I thought I was done with ME3 multiplayer....and then they do THAT.
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This might lure me back as well, but I can already see myself getting a billion Drill Rounds in Premium Spectre Packs while getting none of the new stuff and with my Carnifex eternally stuck at VI.
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Some more detailed info in this link.

"Challenge points are used to unlock cool in-game multiplayer bonuses, such as new titles and banners. Want other players to know that you’re a Council Operative? You can do that. Want to be the envy of your friends with a flashy new banner to display in the player lobby? You can do that, too!

Challenge points lead to unlocks, and unlocks allow you to personalize your multiplayer experience. Now, you’ve got some work to do, Soldier!"

The challenges and whatnot will add a lot of new elements. Pretty extraordinary to add so much so late in a game's life.
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I don't even have all the Earth stuff unlocked. And I don't really care either!

Good to see they're still going, but... it's starting to get old super fast!
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Originally Posted by tfoltz View Post

Some more detailed info in this link.
"Challenge points are used to unlock cool in-game multiplayer bonuses, such as new titles and banners. Want other players to know that you’re a Council Operative? You can do that. Want to be the envy of your friends with a flashy new banner to display in the player lobby? You can do that, too!
Challenge points lead to unlocks, and unlocks allow you to personalize your multiplayer experience. Now, you’ve got some work to do, Soldier!"
The challenges and whatnot will add a lot of new elements. Pretty extraordinary to add so much so late in a game's life.

I think it's the only reason why ME3 is still actively being played today. Just imagine ME3 doesn't have multiplayer. I think we should ask what ME fans who don't believe in ME3 multiplayer are doing with the game. You can only play the single player so many times before it gets boring.
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What a difference a few weeks make.

Apparently along with the required update was cash for extraction and faster performance from my Destroyer using the Valiant V. OR, the V is just better. Either way, first game I just used the Valiant and didn't want to use the Typhoon.

I'll do more games and see if the thrill continues...
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And the 15-second countdown that begins when 3 people ready up? EXCELLENT idea. I assume the straggler gets kicked but we ended up with four and I didn't pay attention to the names in the lobby.

Unlocked two guns I don't want to use. I guess a few games here and there will be OK once the Collector stuff is available. Something to do that's not ultra-rare does make the game attractive again...
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Does anyone know another game that makes you buy random weapons like ME3? I don't play every MP games out there but those I played always allow you to buy only what you want, not random hope of getting what you want.
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At least Bioware keeps giving out free maps and now Collector as another enemy to fight to keep ME3 alive in the market. Just imagine ME3 has no MP. All my friends who loved ME already stopped playing ME3 long ago because they don't play MP.

If anyone still want to buy ME3 or buy it new for the online pass, it's now down to $20 at Amazon and Gamestop. I picked another copy for $10 at Best Buy after the previous magazine issue coupon.
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Bioware Details the new challenge system in a blog post.
The new system offers an in-game way to track your progress as you complete the challenges. But we’ve also built a new N7 HQ web page that offers a ton of information when you’re not playing, including character lists, leaderboards, and gameplay stats. In-game or online, you’ll have a comprehensive way to review your overall multiplayer progression.

We’ll still be running weekend events, but they’ll be a bit different. When you jump into multiplayer, you’ll be notified that there’s a new Weekend Challenge available. Just like the current Operations, these challenges will only be up for the weekend. But now you’ll be able to instantly track your progress. You’ll also get the spoils of your efforts as soon as you’ve completed the event. No more waiting for the next Tuesday (or longer) to get your Commendation Pack!
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Well, if the spoils seem worth it, I'll keep playing. Extra guns I don't use is not an incentive. Eventually I just won't come back, but that's still a ways off...
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Its really exciting seeing the game continue to develop. adding mp to the game was a great decision. Let's hope it keeps going!
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Originally Posted by Vortex3D View Post

Does anyone know another game that makes you buy random weapons like ME3? I don't play every MP games out there but those I played always allow you to buy only what you want, not random hope of getting what you want.

Closest you get is ea sports ultimate team in each franchise
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Only if it was introduced from the beginning when ME3 came out. I have keeping up playing every bi-weekly weekend challenge from the beginning. Now Bioware only thinking of introducing the new system this late.

I guess it's hard to complain since all the MP DLCs have been free and Bioware makes the efforts of doing the bi-weekly challenge with some bonus rewards, not that I got many rewards that are useful.
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October 9 Multiplayer Balance Changes

October 9, 2012

New weapon mods available
- Assault Rifle Thermal Scope
- Assault Rifle High-Velocity Barrel
- Shotgun Omni-Blade
- Shotgun High-Velocity Barrel
- Sniper Rifle Thermal Scope
- Sniper Rifle High-Velocity Barrel
- Pistol Heavy Barrel

Singularity Power
- Duration of singularity decreased from 25 to 8 seconds (October 2 balance changes missed this)

Cryo Explosion Power Combo
- Like Biotic Explosion or Tech Burst combos, this combo can now occur without killing the target.
- The target must still be fully frozen to be detonated.
- Damage increased from [50-125] to [75-200]
- Impact radius decreased from [3-5] meters to [2-4] meters

Fire Explosion Power Combo
- Like Biotic Explosion or Tech Burst combos, this combo can now occur without killing the target.
- Impact radius decreased from [3-6] meters to [2-4] meters
- Damage decreased from [150-375] to [100-250]
- Damage-over-time damage decreased from [20-50] to [12.5-31.25]

Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue where you could get an unlimited number of the new character cards
- Fixed issue allowing players to see the unreleased Retaliation kits in the character selection screen

Also, here are some additional changes that were included with the Retaliation DLC or missed in our patch notes.
- Geth Pyros can now stomp players who are downed
- Marauders can now stomp players who are downed
- Atlas now moves faster
- Atlas rocket will add a small damage-over-time effect on players that prevents shield regeneration for a short time
- Geth Prime drone now attacks players
- New map layout for Firebase White and Firebase Glacier
- Wave changes to Geth faction to account for new Geth Bomber enemy
- Wave changes to Cerberus faction to account for the new Dragoon enemy
- Weapons in the lobby show their rarity as a border around the weapon
- Can now see the last pack you purchased in the store
- Consumables now show statistics in their descriptions
- Destroyer's missile launcher now shows "Hawk Missile Launcher" in the kill feed instead of "Missile Launcher"
- When 3 of 4 players are ready in the lobby, there is a 20 second countdown before the match automatically begins
- Promoting a character preservers name and appearance, and doesn't assign any talent points
- Carnage power can now set up Fire Explosion power combos
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I only had time to play one silver match last night. I did not realize Dragoons were a new enemy type for Cerebus so it took me a few rounds to realize they were not a teammate. They can be annoying when you are not expecting something to leap at you. I did not unlock any new character, but I did finally get some upgrades to some gear I use all the time.
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