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Best MKV player

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Have been looking for some threads on best player for MKV files (video codec h264, 1080, mostly dts sound), but could not find any. The player will be connected to my new pioneer receiver (lc-82, good video processing capabilities) which connects to my projector (90inch screen).

My options are as follows:

1. Macbook, 2009 model, (hdmi)
2. Buy a bluray player with mkv support (gonna buy one, not convinced by PS3 as bluray player)
3. ps3 (copying to ps3 hard drive using ps3 media server). Seems to give better quality than macbook but it may be because of macbook's hdmi cable poor quality.
4. Buy a streamer (dune, wdtv)

Considering money is no object (up to a certain degree), which one would be the best choice if quality (rather than ease of use or codec range) was my first priority?

Thank you in advance.
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I use PS3 for Bluray and for .mkv files. I don't copy anything to the ps3 hdd thats what ps3 media server is for...streaming. What are you not convinced about for playing blurays? The PS3 is a fantastic Bluray player.
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Originally Posted by ohbrian View Post

I use PS3 for Bluray and for .mkv files..

My PS3 does not play mkv files. How do you manage to do that?
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Just download the ps3mediaserver software and stream them from your PC. It transcodes everything on the fly and works great.
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Or, use TSMUXER to convert your .mkv files to .mt2s or .ts files = no loss conversion. Your files type will then match the Bluray files (.mt2s) on your original BR discs, or match your DTV capture files (.ts).
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The Western Digitial TV Live works really well with mkvs and dts sound.
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