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which should I upgrade first?

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Right now I'm running a Klipsch Synergy system with SF-1s, an SC-1, and SS-1s. I don't have a subwoofer. I've never really been a huge fan of the sound of the Synergys, but they are alright. I've listened to the Polk Monitor series and really like the sound so I'm thinking of picking up a pair of Monitor 70s and a CS2 center channel. But I also want to get a subwoofer eventually and am thinking of the ED A2-300. I only have enough cash to upgrade one at the moment though so the other will have to wait about 6 months to a year. So would I be better off upgrading the speakers first or getting a subwoofer? I'm leaning towards the speakers as I'm told the Monitor 70s put out a good amount of bass on their own.
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Adding a subwoofer will make your speakers sound 10x better.

I LOVED my jtr's with a sub, took the sub out and they really were mediocre. If you haven't heard your speakers with a sub then you will be amazed at how adding a sub frees up the clarity of the mid and upper ranges.
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definitely sub. a good sub will add so much to your system and make it sound much fuller
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It depends on what you don't like about the Klipsch speakers.
If you really just prefer the tonal character of the Polk speakers over the Klipsch adding a sub is not going to change that.
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Since you will be adding a sub anyway do that first. You may find you don't want or need different speakers. You haven't heard the Monitor 70s in you home so you don't really know how they will perform. When you get the cash to upgrade the Monitor 70s will be that much cheaper - and you may find something else worth considering too.
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