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5.1 system advice

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Hooking up speakers into an Onkyo TX-SR604 and a Sony KDS-60A2000. Room size is 14x15x8 (small-ish apartment). Looking for a verrry low budget 5.1 system. The two I'm aware of are the Dayton HTP-1

http://www.parts-express.com/pe/show...number=300-692 (8 inch is the only one currently in stock)

And the Polk RM6750


So two questions: Would there be any noticeable difference between the two speaker sets?

And are there any alternatives for a full 5.1 system. My absolute max budget is like 275 bucks shipped, and more like 200 would be preferable. I'd assume piecing one together out of satellites and a sub would be out of the question with my budget.

I'm fine with used/refurbished/ebay. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
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The Polk system is an amazing system for the price and it really can't be beat. Another recommendation would be the Energy Take 5.0 system which is about $200, but I personally loved the RM6750 when I was using it.
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I doubt anyone here has heard both systems so it's a toss up... unless someone heard both systems no one here can really give you an honest answer beyond saying brand "x" is good.

Go and see if you can find the Polk system at Best Buy or something... and compare it to other similar priced systems and see what your ears think!
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I personally have the RM6750's and I love them for my room 13.75' x 14.5'

I have tested them against the Klipsch HD300 & HD500, Boston Acoustics MCS100, Polk RM705.

Out of the ones I sound tested the Polks sounded the best. I went with RM6750's because they sounded the same as the RM705's and were have the price.

Energy Takes 5.0 are $230 and then you need to buy a subwoofer for around $125

The RM6750 5.1 set is the best value sounding system
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