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Tentative Setup, Seeking Input

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Hey guys,

I'm brand new to the AV world, wholly uneducated, though I'm trying to take the plunge. I have about a ~$800 budget I want to spend for a living room setup, 14x12 room with hardwood floors, that will be used 90% for movies and games, 10% for music.

So far I'm leaning towards either the Energy Take Classic 5.1s, or the Energy Take Classic 5 Pack (5.0) with some sub, either way paired with a Pioneer VSX-1019AH-K receiver.

A few questions:

1) Which direction should I go, or a completely different one? Considering the constraint is staying under-budget.

2) If I went Option 2, what sub should I pair with the Takes?

3) Is this a good receiver?

4) Is this the wrong forum for receiver and sub advice?

5) If I wanted to, where would be the best place in this setup to pare down to save money?

Thanks in advance!

[EDIT: Or Newegg is offering the Take 5-Pack with the Yamaha RX-V365 Receiver for $300, which is a substantially cheaper receiver than the Pioneer. So there's another option.]
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The 365 is really limited in HDMI inputs and low on power. I would look for a refurb unit from last year. Onkyo 606, Denon 1909, etc. The Pioneer would be fine. I would get the Energy speakers as they are very well regarded for the price. I don't know what you have in subwoofer money but do internet direct. HSU I believe has subs at all price ranges and would be a good place to start. SVS is another but may be out of your price range.
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$800 budget. Do the speakers have to be small like the Takes?

To pare down your pricing I assume you're paying roughly $500 for the Pioneer 1019?

Get the Yamaha 765 this weekend. The price has been lowered every weekend for the past few weeks to $399. It'll be on sale either Saturday or Sunday at Newegg.com

If you really want a Pioneer the VSX-919 can be had under $400.

You can also get the Denon AVR-1910 under $400 shipped from Electronics Expo.com.

They have a 30% off sale if you use the promo code AUDIOSALE at checkout. It takes you to Amazon.com and before you hit the final checkout screen the price drops to $396 including shipping. The AVR-1610 can be had ~$300 with the discount which would help you with your budget.

If you want the Takes then get them. The price used to be $150 but now its $229. You'll still need to add a subwoofer though. Best I could find and still stay under your budget is the BIC V1020. Under $160 shipped.

Another option is the Jamo S413 package which comes with the sub.

I have Jamo speakers but not this package, so I dont know the quality of this system. But I really like my Jamo E680/E660 towers.
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Thanks for the input guys. I'll start shopping for cheaper receivers. Either way, it seems like this won't come together for a few months. So I'll be poking around for deals every week.
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