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Do NOT let this thread die. I am now proud owning a new 2 year old model Toshiba 52XV645U that I picked up on Sunday. I researched extensively for 10 hours, and it turns out that the 2009 Toshiba XV645U and XV648U series were Toshiba's last and final LCD TVs made by Toshiba. The successor, G300U series, and current 2011, GT310U series, are NOT made by Toshiba (or fake Toshiba TVs), but made by Compal Electronics, a Taiwanese OEM maker.
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Ok so ive run out of options here and this seemed the thread to ask in. I have no remote for this tv, and the "pic size" and "pic mode" buttons on the remote are not in the TV gui. Ive scoured the thing and I cannot figure out how to use these options. The problem is my Wii absolutely refuses to run in 16:9 and it kinda ruins it for me. Even when i set it to 16:9/480p it stays at 4:3. The only options i see in the gui that might help are Auto Aspect and Stretch 4:3 but those do nothing at all.

Any help is appreciated as no one on the net seems to be having this problem but me.
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I own this TV and I think I just broke it. If anyone can help, see here:

Using the tips/tricks found on this website, I wanted to check how many hours of use was on my TV.

I was just in the TV service menu to check hours of usage, was 709 (low), this TV is virtually new. Powered TV off using the remote and now it won't turn back on. There is a green light on the front that will blink 3 times and stay off for a few seconds then repeat.

What's going on?
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Casting Resurrect Thread!

I've run into kind of an odd situation. I recently got a new receiver and blu-ray player, both of which updated themselves with new firmware shortly after I set them up. This got me thinking, and I realized I'd never updated the firmware on my TV. I haven't really had any problems with it but I figured usually having the latest firmware is for the best, just to squash any obscure bugs that might pop up or any weird possibly incompatibilities (Like HDMI handshake issues and such). I looked into it and couldn't find any problems caused by newer firmware so I figured I'd try to update my TV.

The instructions for doing the firmware update aren't terribly well written but I was able to (I thought) figure out how to to do it though it was a bit awkward to try to do by myself (unplugging while holding down buttons on the TV with a USB drive plugged in). Anyway, after trying a bunch of times and using a couple of different USB drives I couldn't ever seem to get it to update.

Has anyone else tried to update one of these TV's? Is there some odd trick to it I'm missing entirely? Is it possible I need to use a different procedure since my TV is running firmware a few "generations" old (I think it is at least...).

It's not a huge deal, as I said so far I haven't had any issues, but I'd like to have the best running TV I can, and for it to continue to do so with newer equipment etc, so I thought I'd see if anyone else had had any luck with such things.
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Bump ... I just did the update to my 46XV645U. I was having the issue of the audio being distorted after 2-3 hrs use.

I used a 1gb micro SD(FAT) with a USB adapter. I tried following the intructions givien by Toshiba and it did not work for me. I found my mistake. I had copied the folder "XV645U_Model_Series_Ver_46" in the main directory of the USB adapter.

THAT IS WAS THE MISTAKE. The main directory of USB should only have the 3 items in it.


Once I corrected that. The procedure worked correctly and quickly. I've had this TV for 2+ years ... I like the matte, the audio problem was annoying and hopefully this firmware fixed it.
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Thanks man! I'll give that a try as soon as I can!
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Still having trouble.

Out of curiosity: what was your USB drive's name? I'm trying to figure out why this isn't working for me and I'm down to trying to figure out if maybe I need to rename my USB drive for the Toshiba to recognize it?
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Ok, weirdly I ended up getting it to work by (accidentally) NOT following the instructions.

I had the drive in there. I had plugged it back in while holding down menu. Nothing had happened (this time I didn't even get any of the regular flashing lights). I pressed the power button while the drive was plugged in (I was going to check a setting and then give up for the night). As soon as i hit power the lights started blinking, and everything went according to the instructions. I now have the newest firmware installed!
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Glad to hear that you got it working. I was using a Kingston 1gb micro sd card, and generic micro sd to usb adapter. I did not change the name of the card after I formatted it to FAT.
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I know this is a shot in the dark since this thread is pretty much dead, but I messed with some settings and can't figure out how I disabled "full screen" for non-HD channels. I see the side black bars on my TV now when viewing non-HD channels. I've tried everything in the menus to get it to perform the way it used to (stretch the screen for 4:3 content, while displaying properly on HD channels) but to no avail. I tried setting Aspect to Auto On, with 4:3 stretch On, and Off. I messed with the Theater wide (1, 2, 3) stuff which DOES fill the screen on 4:3 content but it magnifies my cable box Guide stuff which it didn't used to do. It also carries that setting to the HD channels.

I know, it sounds crazy to stress about it as I rarely watch non-HD stuff, but now it's about just figuring out what I did. What am I missing, or what did I mess up? Should I just reset and start over? My cable box is set to 1080i (like it always has been) while passing through my Onkyo receiver. Thanks.
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I remember struggling with this a little. I don't quite recall what my solution was but I think I left the TV on "native" (or whatever it is) and just made sure all the boxes I had attached to my receiver knew what to do with non HD content. I'm lucky enough to be doing all OTA/Internet so I don't have to deal with a cable box that may or may not actually know quite what to do with such things.
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Originally Posted by DrOct View Post

I remember struggling with this a little. I don't quite recall what my solution was but I think I left the TV on "native" (or whatever it is) and just made sure all the boxes I had attached to my receiver knew what to do with non HD content. I'm lucky enough to be doing all OTA/Internet so I don't have to deal with a cable box that may or may not actually know quite what to do with such things.

Thanks for the reply, yeah, I found that Native setting and left it on that and it's still forcing 4:3 content with black bars instead of full. I don't remember changing anything on my cable box/receiver but at this point who know... The only option I have regarding picture on my cable box is to send out 1080i, so that's checked. As far as my receiver, I don't really remember changing anything but I might have, but to my knowledge, it's just sending the content straight through. Just to be sure, I've scrolled through all settings in real-time and it's making no change to the black bars (Full, wide, auto, etc). It does zoom and fill, but that's not really what I want.

I may either reset my TV, or plug my cable box straight into the TV to see if I can rule out the receiver.
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Oh hey, I think I missed the part at the start where you said you didn't want 4:3 content to have black bars. I don't think I've ever been set up to stretch/zoom SD content. If it's coming in 4:3 I want it to show up on my TV as 4:3, so I may not actually have a good solution for you. (But the number of non-HD stations I actually watch is basically zero).

I assume/hope you're mostly wanting to do this for channels that are sending out content that's 16:9, but they're boxing it up in a 4:3 frame becuase the channel is SD right? That is to say this is for channels where what you're watching has black bars on all sides, not just the left and right, correct?
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Originally Posted by DrOct View Post

I assume/hope you're mostly wanting to do this for channels that are sending out content that's 16:9, but they're boxing it up in a 4:3 frame becuase the channel is SD right? That is to say this is for channels where what you're watching has black bars on all sides, not just the left and right, correct?

No, there are actually a few kids' channels we don't get in HD (Disney Jr and Nick Jr). When I turn to those channels (non-HD), the picture goes all the way to the top, but it does show bars on the side. It didn't used to do that before I began screwing around (and it doesn't do it on our bedroom TV which is also a Toshiba). And it's driving me crazy. biggrin.gif
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Hmmm... well maybe you had a zoom or something set up for those channels (no idea how to set it up for just those and not for the HD channels) but if the content you're getting is supposed to be 4:3... well then those bars are supposed to be there, if they aren't then you're either stretching the stuff out to the sides (so everyone will look like they're stretched out and wider than they should), or you're zooming in so far that you're likely cutting off the top and bottom of whatever it's on those channels.

For example: When I put in one of my DVD's of The Simpsons from say... season 6, the content was originally made for a 4:3 TV so I absolutely expect and want those black bars on the sides, otherwise I'm not watching the show as originally intended (and it'll look horrible one way or the other).

Either that or the problem is the exact opposite and for some reason your TV (or maybe the cable company/channel, I've seen some channels/providers screw up this way) is squishing the content into a 4:3 box that's SUPPOSED to be 16:9. In which case everything on the channel will look squished together rather than stretched out.

Is it just that there are black bars that is bothering you or does the content look like it's wrong too? Like for example if any of these channels ever shows a logo or something that you know should be a circle is it showing up as an oval instead? (If it's wrong on your downstairs TV and it's squished it'll show up as a vertical oval, if it's wrong on your upstairs TV and it's being stretched it'll show up as a horizontal oval, if your upstairs TV is just zooming then it'll be the right shape but the top and bottom of the picture will likely be cut off...).

Have you compared the picture settings of the upstairs and downstairs TV's? They're probably not the same model, but they might have similar settings.
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All of that being said of course, even if it's "wrong," if you like the way things look without the black bars then I hope you manage to figure out how to get back to the way you like things! Far be it from me to tell you that you shouldn't set things up the way you like them!

I'll have a look at my TV when I get home and see if I can figure out how one might do that, but I think I had literally the exact opposite problem you do: I spent a while struggling to make sure that 4:3 content would display as 4:3 (while 16:9 would still display the way it was supposed to) I ended up finding the settings I was looking for in the boxes I had attached to my TV rather than the TV itself.

One final thought: Is it possible this happened due to an update to the cable box of some sort? If you have a different cable box upstairs from the one downstairs it might be that the upstairs one is handling those channels differently than the downstairs one for some reason.
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FWIW, I do believe it is currently displaying correctly. HD looks great, and 4:3 content on SD channels have the side bars. So, I would say that it's doing it correctly.

However, with watching SD content stretched since we've had the TV on those SD channels, we sort of just got used to it, and now the bars just look weird. I think it was a stretch feature that just did the edges and a little bit of the middle portion of the TV as to not look totally stretched out. And I can see that option in the TV menu, but it's just not stretching (I believe it's the "Full" setting). I think with that setting it's supposed to 'look' at the input aspect and display it on the full screen. So in theory it doesn't mess with HD content since it's already correct (displaying 16:9 content on a 16:9 screen), but it does stretch, or display the full SD content onto the screen (4:3 onto 16:9 screen).

It's not a huge deal and we could probably get used to it this way, but it just bugs me what I did.
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Absolutely: If you're used to it and you like it that way then you should do whatever you like with your set up!

So the reason I keep coming back to the cable box is that if the cable box is sending your TV a 1080i signal, regardless of what channel you're on in theory (I think...) the TV should just see that as 1080i and just display that as a full screen picture, it'd be up to the cable box to put in bars or not.

Have you tried looking at the settings on your cable box when you're on one of the SD channels? Like does it send 1080i when you're on an HD channel but something lower when you're on a non-HD one?

I seem to recall there might be a button on the remote for the TV that'll show you what kind of signal it's receiving, so you can see if when you're on an non-hd channel you're getting like a 480p/i signal or not which might at least get you closer to figuring out the solution.

Sorry, I'm probably not being terribly helpful, troubleshooting over the internet is hard!
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No, you're fine. It's making me think about everything. So the ONLY option I have on my cable box is to output in 480i/p, 720p, or 1080i. Since the TV is 1080, I've had it set on 1080i since the install a few months back. That's the only option I have. From there, I guess it would be up to the TV to either properly display with the bars as intended or manipulate the screen to fit the 4:3 content onto the full screen.

My best guess is that nothing changed with the cable boxes. They are fairly new (IPTV) and we have the exact same boxes throughout the house. That's why I checked the one in the bedroom to make sure I wasn't going crazy. The one in there is set to output 1080i like the other one, and SD content is stretched to fit the entire screen of the 16:9 Toshiba TV.
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I'll take a look at my TV when I get home, but I'm pretty stumped! If/when when you do figure it out I would be interested to hear how!
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I appreciate it.
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I also just noticed that someone else is/was having the same issue I'm having now (post #92), but it looks like his issue was never addressed.

Also, for anyone else that may be lurking, these are what I changed my settings to in order to get it 'calibrated.' I don't think any of those would change aspect ratio, but just making sure.

White Balance Settings
Red-Offset 6
Green-Offset 0
Blue-Offset -15
Red-Gain -15
Green-Gain 0
Blue-Gain -3

Picture Settings
Picture Mode Movie
Color Temp 0
Brightness 24
Contrast 90
Color 16
Tint -2
Sharpness 0
Backlight 30

Other Settings
Color Master: Off
Dynalight: Off
Dynamic Contrast: 3
Static Gamma: -15
Clear Frame: Off
Film Stabilizer: Off
Noise Reduction: Off
Resolution +: Off
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Quick question: if I have a device connected to one of the HDMI inputs on the TV, will using a optical audio cable in the optical audio out port on the TV to my AV Receiver cause the audio form the HDMI device to be sent to the receiver? This is what I want to have happen. I know it works for coax/antenna in, so I assume it works for any audio being inputted to the TV. I've just never had to have things set up that way. But soon I will have 5 HDMI devices and and 4 HDMI in on my receiver.
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I haven't done it in a long time, (and I haven't since I finally managed to get my TV's firmware updated) but the last times I tried this I had an issue where it would only output stereo over the optical out.

I had my TivoHD box hooked up to the TV via HDMI, and an optical cable running from the TV to my receiver (which at the time was my old one which didn't have any HDMI inputs!). No matter what settings I set up it would only ever send stereo over the optical output. I don't know if it was an issue with the TivoHD box or the TV but eventually I gave up and managed to work out a way to free up some inputs on my recevier and just had the Tivo hooked up via Component Cables and an optical cable directly from the Tivo to the receiver. (Now in my new set receiver I have the Tivo hooked up directly to the receiver via HDMI).
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I plan on getting a Channel Master DVR+, and without a second living room to demote items to, I can't really free up an HDMI input on the receiver. The least used item among the four connected devices (Wii U, Xbox 360, WD TV Live, Blu-ray player), is the Blu-ray player. I could always swap the HDMI cables if I find the sound is only being outputted as stereo. I am hoping it was your Tivo and not the TV!
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