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Looking for electronic lock for door, similar to Medeco Hybrid Cylinder

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Hello integrators!

I'm currently looking for an electronic cylinder/lock to work with an RFID chip on a standard key for access control. So far, the Medeco Hybrid Cylinder & Hybrid Key seem to fit the bill with one exception - I'd like to be able to remotely access and re-program the cylinder to add/drop keys. The Medeco Hybrid system is a non-hardwired solution, and re-programming requires flashing the cylinder with a PDA or IR-dongle in close proximity. Has anyone had any experience with another product that is similar but allows for networked programming OR has used a solution for remotely programming the Hybrid Cylinder itself?

A few requirements for the electronic lock:
-ability to limit access times & turn on/off unique keys through rfid (there is a separate rfid sensor within the home that arms/disarms the system - want to use one key to both unlock/lock the cylinder and arm/disarm the system)
-ability to re-program lock/cylinder through home network and/or remotely
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Why don't you look into a HID prox/iclass type of card based system rather than the hybrid keys. If you want the high security of the medeco locks, you can stiill use medeco cylinders in the electronic locks. Then you can use any security access panel to control who has access and how the access is granted (by group, time, day, etc). If you want a key "shape" you can get prox tags that are shaped like keys as well. . .

It's a lot easier working with access control panels (like GE, Bosch, Kantech, Northern, etc) than the standalone kind. Several Access control boxes are controlled via http as well.
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Door strikes and a card system would definately be a good substitute for this. Do you have a current security system in place?
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Thanks for the responses! The system isn't installed yet, but is planned to be a Honeywell Vista 128 system. As it stands currently, there are (2) entrances - front and back, which will each have the Medeco Hybrid Cylinder and also have RFID readers w/ request-to-exit buttons on the interior. To get to these entrances, there is a general building door and a keyed elevator. The plan was to have one key that opens the building door, the elevator, and the front/back door. At the front/back door would be the extra functionality to lock out and arm/disarm. Basically, we could hand out one key to a guest for access, but then easily (and remotely) lock them out if they end up crazy.

Thinking about these readers: http://www.hidglobal.com/prod_detail.php?prod_id=2

So it's looking like the Hybrid Cylinder will end up being a stand-alone system outside the main security system that will grant access to particular keys, and also be able to arm/disarm the system once inside.

Are you guys suggesting that there be an RFID reader on the exterior that when swiped, disengages the door strike? Will this also arm/disarm the system?

Also, have you guys had experience with these electric door strikes w/ integrated RFID sensors?
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you could check these guys out also. they have keyfob versions as well as prox cards and have been around for a long time.


i am not sure how the IR programming works for them but for IR controls you could take a look at our IR solution and see if it fits your needs

you can learn any remote into the box via the built in learner or coming soon will be the ability to directly import IR commands into the unit/app. from there you could setup a custom remote with the IR commands you need and the hardware unit is ip based so you can set it up on the network and port forward through the router to get to it remotely. then just program via your iphone wherever you are. you can also lock down the setup portion of the app so you can give the iphone/itouch to anyone in the company and they can only access the IR gui controls, not any setup portion so you don't have to worry about them changing anything around.
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