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Backyard Setup NEED HELP!

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Ok so I'm setting up my backyard deck and I need some help. I already bought the Bose 251's and have them mounted, so that part I'm all set with. I now need to purchase a receiver and this is where I need help.

My 251's can handle up to 100w, now I'm not looking to blow the neighborhood apart as I have a decent sized backyard and my neighbors are a good 75 yards away, (behind). So here is my full situation. I have 50gigs of music on an external drive. I'd like to somehow hook my receiver up (inside the house) and then hook up my external hard drive to my spare laptop and hook that up into my receiver. To access my music from my deck, I was thinking of running something like win-amp orb or an app that lets me control my music on my PC from my phone (palm Pre) all on my wireless internet. I also read something about a windows vista remote that could tap into my PC and windows media player. I guess that is an option also. Whatever allows me to 1 change the volume and 2 change my music from my deck is what I'm going for.

The alternative is an infrared remote, but won't I not be able to control my music selection and only volume? Any tips on which sort of receiver to get? that will work best with this sort of setup. Here is what I was looking at...

SONY Stereo Amplfier STR-DH100

* Power Output: 100W x 2 (8 ohms, 40 Hz - 20kHz, THD 0.09%)
* Audio: Impedance: 8 Ohms Channel Power Rating: 2 Channel Power Rating: 90W x 2 Amp Power (8 ohms, 20Hz-20kHz, THD 0.09%) 100W x 2 Am
* FM/AM Tuner: AM/FM Memory Presets: 30FM and 30 AM Tuner Type: Auto Tuning, Direct Tuning, Station Name
* Other Connectors: Digital Media Port: 1 (Rear) - No OSD Support RCA Audio Input(s): 5 (Rear) RCA Audio Output(s): 2 (Rear) Antenna Terminal (AM Loop): 1 (Rear) Antenna Terminal (FM 75 Ohm): 1 (Rear)

ONKYO Stereo High Fidelity Receiver TX-8255
* Type: Receiver
* Color: Black
* Power Output: 50 W/Ch
* Frequency Response: 10 Hz–100 kHz (+1 dB, -3 dB)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm just looking for clean sound and a setup that allows me to access all of my mp3s. Any help on that would also be greatly appreciated!


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You have everything you need except 1-2 components (wireless transmitter to go from PC to audio receiver and wireless receiver on audio receiver).

Some gear may not work well. Best Buy supposedly has wireless components that are inexpensive and work well.

You will need to figure out your options.


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Great Articles... I really appreciate the insight!
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