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Ok, hold off on purchasing this screen... I have an email in to them about an issue that is definitely a deal breaker for me, and I imagine would be for anyone. We'll see what they have to say and whether they will rectify the situation.
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What issue are you having? I purchased one last week and received it on Thursday. I couldn't be more pleased.
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What screen did you get from them?
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So tell us already ... what is the issue you are having with your Magnum screen, UTRacer?
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Ok, I will post a review in a new thread.
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Link to new thread?
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Originally Posted by msmCutter View Post

Link to new thread?

Link here.

To save time, here is the gist of it:

Originally Posted by UTRacerX9 View Post

At first I thought it was my projector. But, I got out my measuring tape and sure enough, the screen was NOT a 100" diagonal viewing area.

For a 16x9 format, the dimensions should be 87"x49". This does not include the frame obviously. The dimensions of my screen measured 85"x46"... not even a true 16x9 dimension.

After a few emails back and forth, they stated that the "100 inch size includes the frame." Well, this is stated nowhere in their advertising. The end result is that I have a projector that can't project an image to fill this screen properly. It was incredibly annoying to see the picture somewhat reflected back on the frame, no matter how I sized it.

The size of my screen is the correct size to them. Anyone who orders a 100" screen will be getting the same size as I did, or roughly a 95" screen, with left over blank area that will be unused. I have no idea about the dimensions of their other products, if they are the correct size, so buyer beware. For the 100" screen, you will not be getting what you think you are paying for.
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That's terrible.
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Originally Posted by hanesian View Post

Link here.

To save time, here is the gist of it:

Not that uncommon in the screen business ..
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Well I'm happy that you came to an agreement. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showt...1#post19451951

I'm wondering If there 120"+ bigger screens is like that too. 2.35:1 Theater Pro-Curve with Micro-Fine 4K screen material and their 16:9 Cinema Pro-Series Screen with M2 material. I'll be asking before ordering for sure.

Thanks for the heads up.
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So does anyone have a recommendation on a 100 inch fixed screen that can be found for under 300 bucks? Sounds like this magnum screen would live up to par.
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Sorry, that should be wouldn't live up to par.
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I think the Elite screens are the closest you can get without going DIY.
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As I posted last week, I am very happy with the image quality of my Magnum Screen, but I also had the issue with the frame lining being reflective. I contacted Magnum to ask if they had a recommendation for a cloth to use in order to reduce the reflection. Carrie, the owner of the company, emailed me back and said she was aware of the issue and wanted to make it right. She explained that the cloth material used in masking the frame turned out not to be as special as the company had hoped. Long story short...she is shipping me a new screen Monday November 15!!! I have nothing but good things to say about Carrie and her company. She has shown great integrity and honesty. How many other companies, both here and on Ebay...etc, would go to such great lengths to satisfy a customer...especially one who didn't even ask for a refund or exchange? I highly recommend Magnum Screens.
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This company not only ripped off all of our photos from our ProCurv screen but also ripped off our product name "ProCurv" as well. They even left our logo on one of the screens on their website they stole, unreal. Real professionalism at its best.
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I think "videonuttv" is "Carrie". Maybe the OP is too. No enthusiast would forget to mention it's the wrong aspect ratio... or be cool with it.
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Originally Posted by msmCutter View Post

I think "videonuttv" is "Carrie". Maybe the OP is too. No enthusiast would forget to mention it's the wrong aspect ratio... or be cool with it.

Might well be. Only a few posts, and all raving about Magnum & Carrie. Who knows? I've already written them off for misleading advertising and unethical use of other people's product photos.
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The botched aspect ratio is a far bigger deal to the consumer.
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The botched aspect ration is the misleading advertising I was referring to.
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Originally Posted by MAD44 View Post

So does anyone have a recommendation on a 100 inch fixed screen that can be found for under 300 bucks? Sounds like this magnum screen would live up to par.

I bought a Jamestown screen. 110" $220


It's great for the price. I do plan to jump up to a SMX once I build my room. I just didn't want to break the bank on a temp screen.
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Yeah, that's right, I've been a member here for the past 5 years awaiting the time when I could start my own screen company and then post about it...muhahahahahah!!!! Give me a break. I only posted about the Magnum Screen to give a counterpoint to those who had posted without seeing the screens themselves. I agree that Magnum Screens should not have used SMX's photos, but if you read Racer's original posting, you will see that Carrie explained that she had hired an IT person who lifted the images without her knowledge. She should have been more involved with the site build, but everyone makes mistakes. All I know of her is from my dealings on Ebay with Magnum Screens, and I have nothing but good things to say about her honesty and integrity. The aspect ratio has not been seriously affected by the discrepancy in advertised-to-actual diagonal measurement. The build quality is excellent, especially for a $189 screen..and that price includes shipping. You guys can beat up Magnum Screens all you want, but the fact remains that they provide an excellent cost effective alternative to commercial and DIY screens.
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If the aspect ratio doesn't match, why bother with this? You may as well use a sheet or plain wall or BOC or lamenate. It's such a key point.
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I'll post pics later this weekend. The reason I "bothered" with this screen is that I could not have built one as nice as this for the price. I'm not a rich man, and my home theater is on a very tight budget. I look for the most "bang for the buck." The Mitsubishi HC3800 I have is a refurb because it saved me several hundred dollars. Not all of the people on this forum are made of money. Some of us scrape by, and look for value in what we buy.
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Why didn't you get the WilsonArt? Or go BOC?
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I've built a blackout cloth screen before and it was ok, but no where near the quality of the Magnum screen. I wanted a solid screen surface. I considered Sintra board, but I would have had to drive 100 miles to get a sheet. As for the WilsonArt, why would I bother when I could get essentially the same thing or better from Magnum for not much more money and without all the running around, not to mention the aggravation? I don't mean to come off like a cheerleader, but I have always been on the side of the underdog. My belief is that they offer a nice product for the money.
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Running around to your local hardware store? That's too far? Really? And it's closer to double the cost.
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I think the Magnum screen is the Wilsonart laminate. They sell a roll that is 4x8, so 48 inches in height. But since the frame covers up 1 inch on top and bottom, that would equal the 46 inches I measured for the viewing area.
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When I did a quick check on Wilsonart designer white, the price was a little under $80 at Lowes. Then I have to buy materials for the frame...yada yada yada. As I stated before, I have made my own blackout cloth screens before, but I wasn't satisfied with the results. After researching laminates, PVC, and the like, I came across the Magnum Screens posts in this forum. I checked them out on Ebay and was impressed with their feedback. I decided to take a chance...even after reading some negative comments by the highend fanboys on this forum. I am pleased with the screen as related to build quality and cost. I am even more impressed that Magnum is sending me another screen even though I didn't ask for a refund or replacement. Could I have built it for a few dollars less? Maybe, but I don't think I could have done as good of a job. The time savings alone is well worth the 40 or 50 bucks I might have saved by doing it myself.
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You couldn't do a better job? They botched the frame. It's not even the right aspect ratio. Wilsonart lamenant, three 2x4s, nails and some black fabric BAM you've got at least as good a screen... at about half the cost of this botch job.
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Cutter...I might as well be talking to a telephone pole rather than arguing with you about a screen you haven't even seen. Let's just agree to disagree. I'll enjoy my new screen, and you can obsess about things that have no bearing in your little world.
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