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Okay Carrie.
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Originally Posted by rboster View Post

That email answers my concerns. The only thing that I would be a little concerned about is selling a 16x9 curved screen. The purpose of the curvature is to counter pincushion caused by the use of a anamorphic lens (which is used to create a scope aspect ratio). That combination seems to be counter productive.

I was thinking to keep it simple (not to play with the RS40 zoom and focus) and go with their 16:9 curve screen. Is this a bad idea? I thought one of the reason is to keep the throw distance the same from the projector.
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Allieso = Magnum?

Most of us here think this sucks because they don't get any aspect ratio correct. You're better off with a DIY solution if you're cheaping out on a screen.
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My drywall isn't finished yet in my theater room but I ordered my screen yesterday.

I had high limitations so their are making me a custom 135.3" diagonal Theater IMAX Pro-Curve Screens 2.35:1 ratio.

Service was superb.

I haven't received my JVC RS40 projector either so this will take a while until I can post my opinion.
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Why would you spend so much on a projector and then get a screen that doesn't even have a proper aspect ratio?
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They custom cut to whatever screen size you want now. That is why mine will be 135.3" diagonal to get that perfect 2.35 ratio.
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Let us know how it turns out.
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Customer service has been phenomenal. they kept me in the loop during their whole process of the build/test.

Got the screen last week. All crated up nicely protected. Setup was simple and easy. Screen material is bulletproof. With the baby due in May this, and the price, was the two major factor in my decision.

I don't have my JVC RS40 yet so I can't talk about performance.
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It took a month to get it? Let us know how the aspect ratio thing works for you.
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I wish I saw this Thread before I gave them my money!
They are selling on eBay and the Pics they are using is not what you will be getting. They will respond to all your Questions, but I should of asked how it really looks when you get it.. If you want to see what your buying I will send you pics!!

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Sorry to hear. I ended up selling mine on craigslist and getting an EliteScreens 110" model. Much higher quality, though not nearly as easy to assemble. Having a properly sized screen and having the picture fill the screen perfectly was definitely worth it though.

What size did you buy? Are the measurements correct at least?
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I got the 96" "Pro Curve"/ PVC pipes to make it curve.. Don't know yet the install is happening this Thursday.. But have had 2 ppl asking for pics, so hope it helps them make the rt choice on what they r getting
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It did fit, had to remove the PVC pipes so it would lay flat, the good thing is I saved 2 more ppl from making the same mistake I did.
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The feedback in this thread is not real good but also about a year old, anyone currently using a magnum screen?

If so how are you liking it?

I am curious about them due to the fact they are relatively inexpensive and more so they apparently have adjustable curvature and do not require an anamorphic lens;

From the ebay ad:
Arrives with Std. 40ft radial cuvature for use with stock Projector Lens

Allows for Tighter Curves such as 30' for use with Anamorphic Lens

Allows for More Relaxed Curves - Even Flat to wall if needed or desired.

I want a 2.35 model and I am thinking this would be a good screen to test out a curved screen but if it did cause noticeable barrel distortion on 16:9 images or I did not like the curve I could just make it flat.
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