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RCA Remote Code Search

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Got a Dynex flat screen TV, Best Buys brand. No remote code listed as expected but by using the remotes search for the code the remote will operate the TV. Is their any way to decipher what code it is using by counting the number of searches and the number of times you back up?

Two RCA's still going strong.
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According to the following Dynex website you might try: Orion, Emerson, Memorex, Zenith, Sylvania, or Sansui brands for codes (I've also heard elsewhere to try Symphonic, Funai, and Admiral brands)

My RCA's UTV Setup Guide does list those above brands... So if you have some spare time you could experiment...

The below site does have several Dynex TV Models listed so you might be able to narrow that down a bit. They even include a phone # you can call for information... So if they might say "Your Model XYZ Serial # 123431 uses codes for a Sansui" that might narrow things down.


I did a Google Search for "dynex remote codes for directv" to find my info.
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Figured it out. I could get the TV to work when I did the automatic search for codes. When you search for codes with the remote it starts off at 1000. Each time you push play to use the next group of codes it incriments up by 10. When the TV turns off you back up by one number each time you push reverse. I had to push play 20 times before the TV turned off which was 1200, then back up 9 times with reverse before the TV turned off. So, the code for the TV is 1191.
1191 is one of the Orion codes as lgodave said.
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Glad that worked out. That might be some interesting information to include in the FAQ if it isn't already. Reverse lookup TV Codes. Considering UTV is getting almost 10 years out... this type of info. will be very helpful as newer TVs come to market.

FYI, about 4 years ago... someone here said my Westinghouse TV ran on Sony Codes. Which was nice considering I was using a Sony UTV with it (But I can setup for my RCA UTVs in the future...)
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In RCA remotes that take 4 digit codes, its 1191, in older rca remotes that take 3 digit codes its 208.
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cool. Do you have a cross-reference guide somewhere?
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No, but there are certain popular codes used today that I sought out on purpose to help me help others. So on page in an old drd430rg receiver manual, I have this written:

UEI/OFA code 0463- RCA new code 1191- RCA old code 208

UEI/OFA code 0178- RCA new code 1006- RCA old code 006

UEI/OFA code 0171- RCA new code 1189. RCA old code 189
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Nothing like having a rosetta stone for some stuff.

Looks like one "might" be able to use 4 or 3 digit RCA codes to up/down convert to the other... 189/1189 or 1006/006 as a possible option.

Thanks again.
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Hmm. I have a "newer" (early 2000's) Zenith LCD upstairs that I could never get to listen to my old RCA DRD515RB remote. Don't think I tried any 1000 codes, just 3 digit ones.
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According to the Manual on directv's website...

It doesn't look like your RCA DRD515RB remote has a "scan" feature... Let us know if you can get it or a UTV remote to work with that TV.

These are the only recognized codes. on the DRD515RB (via Manual).
Zenith ........................... 001, 099, 114

If you need them the RCA UTV Remote codes for Zenith are (from my manual):
1004,1083,1151,1152,1153, and 1154

So maybe if you're lucky you can back convert the 4 digits to 3 digits and it'll work? Not many TV codes in the 100 range so good luck.
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Thanks. I have an extra UTV remote that'll I'll try with it. All of my RCA remotes seem happy with any of the boxes, except with features buttons for the UTV.
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If the Zenith codes don't work try the Goldstar codes as well: 003, 004, 006, 011, 019, 027, 037, 050.

The DRD515RB telephone receiver shaped remote only takes 3 digit codes.
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The TV is a Zenith Z20LCD1, 20" LCD and works with RCA code 027 (a Goldstar code not a Zenith). ON, OFF, Vol +/- and mute using TV button.

Thanks everyone!
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I recently feed this connection a single tuner UTV and found the controller code for this Zenith model was "1004" for the UTV's controller.
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