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OTA newbie requesting help on antenna selection

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Hi guys,

I am getting ready to cancel my cable, and go to OTA + HTPC. Already have the HTPC part pretty well figured out (been using it for a year), but I'm ready to step it up to the next level.

Here is my tv fool report: http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wr...b7c8a7ad77cf44

I'm looking for a good antenna that will let me NBC/ABC/Fox/CBS (and I guess CW, but don't really care about it). Being in tornado alley, my wife has a firm requirement that we get something "weather proof", for at least a good of reception as possible during bad weather (don't worry, she has realistic expections).

I plan on mounting the antenna in my attic (approx 15' above ground level), so appearance and size (within reason of course) is no issue. We live in a new subdivision, so no trees anywhere within 500' of the house, also all the houses are single story, so good LOS in all directions. One of the advantages of living on the planes I suppose.

The antenna I've been looking at is Antennas Direct DB2, Multidirectional HDTV Antenna.

Does it look like it would suit my needs reasonably well? Or is there something better? I'm on a budget, but since I will be dropping $100 a month off my expenses from ditching cable tv, I can justify spending some.

Thanks in advance for the help!
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Your ABC station is on RF10 (CW is on RF12), which is VHF-High, and since your looking to mount the antenna in the attic, I'd recommend using a medium range VHF-High/UHF antenna or you can do seperate antennas with a DB4 and something like the Y5-7-13.
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You have both VHF & UHF channels. The DB2 is a UHF antenna. If I were installing an attic antenna for your channels of interest, I would use either one of these:

Attic install should be fine unless you have:
Metal Roof
Foil-faced roof decking or radiant barrier insulation.
Metal siding on gable end walls of the house.
Stucco-on-screen on gable end walls of the house.

You should have enough signal with either of these antennas to split the coax to 1 or 2 extra TVs.
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Thanks for the quick replys!

I like the looks of the RCA-ANT751, it shows it is an out door antenna, but I'm assuming there won't be any issues putting it in an attic, correct? I probbably could mount it outside the house, but it just seems easier (and more asteically pleasing) to put it in the attic.

Also my house is a basic wood frame house, no metallic interference, of any significant kind at least.
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You can install it anywhere, even in the house, if that's where you want it.
Advantage to attic install:
No corrosion or UV deterioration from being outside.
No need to ground the antenna.
Not visible.

Usually suffers some signal loss.
But this is not an issue if your signals are strong.
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Ok time to get it ordered! Thanks for your help!
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