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Getting dts to playback in Powerdvd after remux

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Hey guys,

Usually i attempt to figure these sorts of things out on my own but after about 10 hours of chicanery and few results, i turn to the experts.

My issue is as follows: I have successfully ripped my copy of transformers to my HD etc etc. However, when i play it back it comes out in spanish. I figure ok great ill demux the thing remove those tracks and remux the whole mess together again with just dts and the video (core, not dts-hd). The video plays back great, however the audio refuses to output at all.

To test that my dts is functioning, i used eac3to and clown to simply demux the files and play them back independently. They play back fantastic seperate from one another in powerdvd 7 & 9, which gets a lot of variables in my setup out of the way.

However, when i go ahead and remux them using ts_muxer into an m2ts file, the sound drops out.

As further assistance to those that might try to help me, i have the mediainfo file information for both the original blue-ray stream right off the disk, and my remuxed version, as well as the working audio dts file. These files are attached.

Any assistance is appreciated. Let me know if you need any further information, as I am fairly savvy at obtaining such things. Apparently not savvy enough though ;-)


remuxed_version_no_audio.txt 4.791015625k . file


original_m2ts_file_on_disk.txt 8.787109375k . file


DTS_demuxed_working.txt 1.58203125k . file
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Are you using Eac3to to strip the core out of the HD audio track?
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Originally Posted by pirotrav View Post

shoot i realized this is in the wrongish thread. Can anyone tell me how to move it? Or do i just repost?
I just reposted in software. Feel free to delete this (or tell me how i can)

link to new post:

This is the right section.
The other one is dedicated to Software Media eg. movies, TV shows etc.; not to computer programs.
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@ Heli Pilot,

Yes I have tried using simply ts-muxer to remux the m2ts file directly without additional languages, as well as eac3to to demux the 2 main files (core audio and i think mpeg 4; the video works fine so i dont think that matters). When i performed the latter, the dts played back correctly on its own. However, after attempting to remux the two files (that had been demuxed by eac3to) together into an m2ts file, powerdvd simply shows no audio as being output, nor does any other player (except VLC, but it doesnt output as Dts but instead as stereo audio). Despite not playing back in powerdvd, as shown in the attachments, the audio is very much there according to mediainfo, and looks nearly identical in nature to both the dts standalone and the original blu-ray.

Please note that no encoding or any other manipulation has been performed, or likely will.

Is there perhaps another software other than TS-Muxer that would allow me to remux the two; is ts-muxer not cabable of muxing dts and video int an m2ts? I know the formats can fit into an m2ts shell (i think thats what its called), as thats how they play on the actual blu-ray in the first place.

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Of further interest, is the fact that when i demux my muxed version that has the two tracks in it using ts muxer (which did the initial muxing), the dts file plays back!!! So ts-muxer isnt the issue, or at least the files are good. Somehow it seems that bottling them up into an m2ts is an issue, or the player cant seem to get both back out of that format and stream them. (Again passthrough is not the concern, but merely getting the player to output correctly).

I should also note that AC3 poses none of the above problems, and has worked well. However, i dont want to convert the DTS to AC3 if i dont have to. I would rather just keep it as it was created. No need for argument on quality here. I understand that AC3 may or may not be as capable etc etc. Nevertheless, I want to get DTS and video into an m2ts if possible.

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Originally Posted by hirent View Post

This is the right section.
The other one is dedicated to Software Media eg. movies, TV shows etc.; not to computer programs.

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update: VLC plays the file with dts and video (albeit rather stuttery), but the dts makes it out and to my receiver, from my remuxed file. It almost seems like PowerDVD is skipping the main track, and opting for the other languages. However, when i play the blu-ray directly through powerdvd, all is well.
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I am now attempting to convert the dts file to AC3 and remux it that way. Is it likely i will lose quality?
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off of doom9 forum:
The benefits of m2ts is you can use a USB stick, or play directly from the PS3's HDD. Also, it doesn't matter what the video resolution is, it will playback just fine. The drawbacks; only AC3 and LPCM is supported for audio, no DTS or HD audio, and no subtitles.

And only first audio track in file.

Only h264 video is supported, VC-1 must be played as Blu-ray, not sure about MPEG-2

MPEG-2 video is supported too.

The benefits of playing as "Blu-ray" is all HD audio is supported, as well as DTS @ 1536kb/s, .srt and .sup subtitles are supported too.
Wow, wow, slow down! .srt isn't supported by PS3.

Turns out, m2ts and dts arent friends. If you want a dts file to play through m2ts, you have to convert it to ac3. I was trying to make something impossible work!! (anyone correct this post if this information is innacurate)
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