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Originally Posted by Faluzure View Post

I can't find it at the moment, but I distinctly remember reading about this either on this thread/forum or some other forum (maybe CNet). I had the exact same problem as you and I don't know if there's any merit to it, but it seems to have fixed the problem (for me).

I was told to put any gaming console on the 1st input. You know how there's 3/4 different HDMI inputs? Supposedly the 1st one has "less lag" than the others. That in combination with Game mode supposedly fixes the problem.

Again, I can't find where I read it at the moment, but that fixed my lag issue. Maybe try that.

Game mode brought it down under 50ms, but PC mode got it to 0. These measurements were taken using guitar hero so its not entirely accurate. To put it into PC mode I had to rename the 1st input to PC and then when you go into the game mode option it is greyed out, but you lose a lot of the customization options. I'm going to buy a hdmi switch so I can put my 360 and ps3 on the same input and not have to deal with this again.
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Hey all,

I just received my new Google Chromecast dongle and plugged it into the HDMI 4 slot on the side of the TV, but the video quality is terrible. In my three years owning this TV, I've never used the HDMI 4 slot, so I never noticed any issues.

I pulled the Chromecast out and plugged it into one of the back HDMI slots and everything looks amazing. Netflix, Youtube and everything else is crisp and in beautiful HD. Just being curious, I then plugged my DVD player into HDMI 4 (normally in HDMI 1) and it now looks terrible.

It seems as though something is wrong with HDMI 4. The picture looks terrible all around and I have the soap opera effect. However HDMI 1, 2, 3 look great. 1 has my DVD player, 2 has my Tivo and 3 has my Xbox.

Anyway, sorry for the overkill of info, I'm just trying to get to the bottom of this. I'm curious if I need to reset the tv and start from scratch re-calibrating everything.

Thanks in advance!
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Have you tried to rename the input? (it changes some settings). Select PC for name of input for HDMI4. Also try 'Screen Fit' (picture size), it corrects over scanning shown when 16x9 is selected. Looking forward to Google restocking Chromecast.
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Good afternoon.

I come here to talk about the problem that is happening with my LE37 C650.
For some time now I have noticed that the TV emits a buzzing sound in dark scenes, or when the backlight is less than 20/20.
I know it is a very recurrent problem in this model, so if possible like to hear your opinion.
Is there any solution that you can try at home??
Thanks and greetings from Portugal.

PS: My firmware is the 3018.1 (http://www.samsung.com/pt/support/mo...WXXC-downloads)
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Does anyone know good settings for a Samsung LN46D630 for gaming? Game mode isn't doing it for me:/? Help anyone?
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I've had the LN40C630 for about 3 years now and just started having a new problem. After hitting the INFO button on the remote, I can see the guide information with the time and name of what's currently on. But hitting the right arrow button no longer shows what's on in the future hours. I used to be able to hit the right arrow after the INFO button and scroll through the upcoming show titles to see what's on next. This is on free over-the-air TV with an outdoor antenna.

Now, when I hit the right arrow, nothing happens. The info guide just keeps just showing the current show title and time. I know the right arrow button works cos I can navigate with it in the Menu. So what could be causing this? Have all the networks stopped broadcasting future show schedule info, or do I have a setting or something messed up on the TV?
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I have the flickering problem in my LE40C630


anyone pls can tell me what jumper to cut in this model?


i attach a photo of the panel.


txs a lot for any possible help


best regards


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Don't know if that is what you want. But it was what I noticed in another thread.
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txs a lot for fast response...


problem is my powersupply is diferent...


i had found a J852 jumper... maybe i try cut that... is broken anyway... getting desperate... Samsung asked me 450€ to fix


They told was panel... so i'm not sure problem is the same

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cutting j852 didnt worked...


i tested with a friend, replacing all parts, that has a LE40C650 (mine is LE40C630) and i found out the problem is the T-CON part...


whith his T-CON part my TV works great.


i'm having problem trying to find what T-CONS i can buy (part number???)


any info on what the compatible T-CONS compatible and where to buy?


the only reference i have now is S120APM4C4LV0.4 and not sure if its correct


many txs for any help

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My Brother's set also has the same vertical lines when powered on. They go away when wiggling the audio cable on the back as shown. It is out of warranty - and yes, I know it needs servicing... Model LN46C650 L1FXZA

Is there a DIY fix for these vertical lines yet? What part or board is it?

Many thanks in advance.

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Also, the model number is LN46C650 L1FXZA.

What is the correct p/n for the main board if I need one?

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^Looks just like my LN55C630K1F.  Most times they are there, sometimes they change to a blacked out column of pixels between every 3 columns, and very rarely, the picture is totally normal.  Would love to hear the experts' opinions on this.


T-con board? Main board? Panel? Something else?

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I discovered this thread, demonstrating a fix for our symptoms:




I noticed when I tap the input area the symptoms change and/or disappear.  So I followed the directions with my ln55c630 and it appears to have resolved the issue with my set.  Best of luck!

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This tv - LN46C650 - is driving me insane. Hoping somebody has had this problem. I've had it for 2.5 years.. no warranty at this point. It's been a great tv until now. A few days ago, like a light switch the picture went all RED.. and I mean ALL RED. Occasionally I get some horizontal lines, but not often and it's only for a few seconds. The picture has also gone very very dark. No setting change seems to fix this. I reset back to factory and played with everything I can see, but nothing seems to help. I noticed the last couple of days after abut 30mins of being turned on, the RED dissipates a little bit and it's somewhat watchable ...well certain programs anyway. Hockey..not so much. The ice is very polarized. Both sides of the tv I can also see the flaring of light, not "bad" but in dark scenes..it's pretty noticeable. It wasn't like this before. Even playing with the settings, it seems to magically change on it's own after a period of time. But the red is very saturated. DVD player, Xbox all the same.

Any ideas are appreciated before i take an axe to it! This is my 3rd Samsung Tv in the last 8 years....and it will be my last.

Thank you
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I have the 46" 630 series. I loved the picture so much when I saw it I bought it. Just two years into it my screen went pink. Took it to the repair shop, the guy says that's a common problem with Samsung TV's. He says I have 50 Samsung input boards, I will have your board. Oh wait a minute , that tv is new and is not suppose to have that problem...It has been at the repair shop for a month now. He also says that if it was under warranty Samsung calls him every day to make sure he got the part (whici they ship express) and the repair is being made promptly. He says you will be waiting a long time for this repair because you are out of warranty. They will send the part ground and no follow up will be made. 6-8 weeks he figures. Depressing indeed.

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I took it into the repair shop just before Christmas.  Waiting for an estimate.  I'm out of warranty so if it's more than $200 to fix, it's going to meet my sledge hammer.  I think I'll send all the bitty pieces back to samsung. 

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Got tired of waiting for repair so I picked up the TV and figured I would at least watch it with the cable directly into the TV which worked fine. I decided to try the HDMI input, The TV worked fine, but the HDMI quality is crappy on Samsung TV's. So I tried 1 more time to use the rogers cables which do have a better picture. TV worked fine, so I proceeded to take the HDMI cable off, and to my surprise the TV didn't work again. So I tried the HDMI and the rogers cables and it works fine. So this worked for me. To clarify use both the HDMI and the Rogers cables and you may be fine. I did notice however that the inputs didn't seem correct but i don't care as long as I have my picture back.  Last Samsung anything!!!

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Just to close this off, I just heard back from the repair shop.  They tell me it's the LCD panel and would cost more to repair than a new tv.  I hate you Samsung.  Pretty pathetic when the batteries in the remote last longer than the tv.  Samsung <> Quality.

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I have a LE40C650 and I'd like to know if there's a way to listen, at the same time, both at the speakers and at pair of Sennheiser headphones I also have. Whenever I connect the headphones, the speakers are automatically muted.

Edit: As I found earlier, using an adaptor to connect the headphones to SCART 1, does output audio from the speakers and headphones. Unfortunately it's not much help to me, because it only works with broadcasts, while I mostly use the integrated media player (via USB)...
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I'm sorry to hear the problems you guys are having. I've had mine for over two years now and haven't had any issues. That being said, I probably just jinxed myself by saying that. I have a LN46C630 BTW.
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