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HX900, HX800, LX900- link with pics

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New comparison pics. The HX800 looks like it's compared to the EX series on the left.

Impressive to say the least...
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"HX800.....Controllable areas are arranged in two lines in the vertical direction. Sony did not disclose the number in the horizontal direction but said that it is 10 or less"

Less than 20 dimming zones........The new LG sets with edge-lit LED backlight and local dimming have more than 30 dimming zones (42inch).
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The HX800 gets pretty black.

Perhaps the LG is using AUO's 32 dimming zone panel. I feel a local dimming edge lit shootout in the future.

And the HX900 destroys the XBR8 (XR1 in Japan)!
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Yeah, that's the one thing that jumped out to me was the deep blacks.

If the HX900 destroys an XBR8, then these sets will be pure gold. Looking forward to seeing one in person.
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The HX900 also has much richer,better color in that shot than the xbr8. I guess rgb leds can be beat.
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I still think XBR8 has a big advantage over HX series and it is its RGB LEDs (Triluminos) over just white LEDs that HX900 has to offer. Just my two cents.
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I was surprised that the HX900 looked better than the LED rgb as well. It's almost like they were using different sources, even though I know it's the same. I wonder if the settings were adjusted for either set, or the comparison was just straight out of the factory.

Either way, the HX900 looks like a very impressive display. Makes me quite excited about getting an HX701 in the coming weeks, hopefully the HX700 series holds up as well despite being two notches down the ladder. I tried to get Sony to hook me up with an HX900 (SXRD XBR1 Sony Exchange Program), but they were having none of that. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers. The HX series from Sony look to be winners, but only time will tell. Although not as important as the main specs, aesthetically speaking I love the monolithic design from the HX700 and HX900.
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Of course rgb leds can be beat , you just need to develop white LEDs that could produce "purer" white lights.
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Is the HX701 coming to the US?
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Originally Posted by gmarceau View Post

Is the HX701 coming to the US?

I don't know. Been looking around for that information, but I could find nothing on it.
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Do we have an idea how much the HX800 is going to cost?
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I don't know the rules on pricing here in general, but from what digging I did online, I was shocked. Looks to be better than what Samsung wants and slightly less than LG for comparable sizes.
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