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What is best way to run HDMI cable through conduit?

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My TV is over the fireplace. When the house was built I ran RCA jacks, SVideo jacks, coax jacks, and speaker jacks from the TV down to the wall next to the fireplace so I could place the A/V components there.

Anyhow, I also ran a conduit for future wiring. I need to now run HDMI to my new TV. I have a 2 gang box at the end of the conduit. What is the best way to run my HDMI cable and still have it look half way decent? Leviton and Panduit both make HDMI couplers for a single gang opening, but do I really want an extra connection in my HDMI run?
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I would use bulk cable plates to avoid the wallplates. I would find the slimmest HDMI cable i could find. Computer stores are the best places to find stuff like this. All the marketing hype stuff like monster is going to be 3 times as thick.

Use saran wrap and go around the HDMI connector a couple of times to seal it up. When you tie your fish tape or pull string to the HDMI cable line them up so that there is 1 foot overlap. This helps distribute strain to the 1 foot area vs the HDMI connector. Tightly wrap the electrical tape around the cable starting at one end and all the way to the other end. The tape should overlap itself as it goes around so that when you get to the end its completely sealed.

If the conduit is small you may want to use a little bit of hand soap as lubrication. Squirt about a quarter sized amount and lube up the overlapped/taped section. This is the part that will have the most trouble making it thru.

When pulling don't make jerking motions (why do i feel like Michael Scott is going to yell "THATS WHAT SHE SAID") and don't pull so hard that it feels like you are stretching it.

Get someone to help. Have them feed/push the cable into one end of the conduit while you pull at the other end. This little bit of extra help makes pulling the cable much easier.

Go slow and try and do 6"-12" at a time. Never pull the cable by the connector. If you need to pull a little more in at one end or the other grab the cable about 6 inches back from the connector.

Once the cable is thru remove the electrical tape and wipe off any hand soap and then unwrap the HDMI connector.
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What are bulk cable plates?
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Google "bulk cable plates" and look in images and you will see a bunch of different types.
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Thanks much. I had never heard the term before. I don't know why I didn't just Google it like I do everything else.

I ordered a couple of plates from Monoprice with the rest of my order.
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I just finished a similar setup to the one you are working with. I hardwired the sound and left a 2.25" conduit for HDMI.

I pulled two of monoprice's 25' round HDMI (item 3990, High Speed HDMI 1.3a Category 2 Certified CL2 Rated (In-Wall Installation) Cable (22AWG) - 25ft) through the conduit which ran vertical for 6', horizontal for 7' and vertical for 6' without much problem.
I terminated the wall end with one of these (item 2813, HDMI 1.3 Two-Piece Inset Wall Plate with 4 inches built-in flexible extension cable), once again from Monoprice.
I went with the decora style wall plate to terminate because the in-wall HDMI cable is pretty stout was going to be an eyesore sticking out of a bulk cable hole. My cable is terminated into a 2 gang low voltage box so space wasn't a problem but if you were in a single gang box the volume might be a little low for 2 HDMI cables.

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Is there a good place to get conduit? I know they carry plastic conduit at home improvement stores but I'm curious if there are better places to buy it. Also, is there a specific type of conduit for in-wall low voltage installations? Does it have to be CL2 rated like speaker cable?
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