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Originally posted by doctork25
I'm trying to hook up my old rooftop antenna (it's gotta be from the 60's, at least) into my Hughes Directv HD box. I am getting the list of channels when i scan, but no signal at all from any of them.

Throw the old antenna out. Most combo vhf/uhf have very small uhf sections. Get a UHF only antenna from winegard or channel master. The amp is optional. Amps do not increase signal, only stop signal loss from the antenna to the receiver. Direction is important as all 3 locals transmit from different locations.
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Latest response to by monthly where's HD email to Laurie at TWC:

"I'm glad you came aboard! Here's the latest from my VP.

In order for us to carry any local broadcast stations HD signal, we must first obtain permission from those stations. At this time, we do not have permission from any of them. A couple of the local broadcast stations are owned by very large national corporations. They are in discussion with AOL Time Warner on a national level. Hopefully a reasonable agreement can be reached in the near future. Until then, we do not have permission to pass the HD signal on to our customers.

I believe we do have permission from the PBS station, and that we are working on the technical delivery of their signal to our distribution facilities via fiber. Hopefully we will see this service within the next 30 days or so. "

Can someone enlighten me as to what stations here are owned by larger corporations? I'm pretty sure none are Owned and Operated (O&O) by the the networks, which is whats hanging up the CBS deal at Comcast. Aren't the locals free to make their own decisions otherwise?
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Not sure who can make what decisions but WGME is owned by Sinclair and WCSH is owned by Gannett. TW Maine has already carried WGME for the special Masters coverage (probably under some special arrangement but it has happened).
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I sent Craig Clark at WGME an email regarding CBS football.

They will be showing the college football and NFL HD games on the HD feed regardless of what the "local interest" game is.

i.e. the Pats might be playing in the analog local interest game, but the Broncos might be the HD game and they will show it on the HD channel.

This is good news!

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Dr. Joe, if I am understanding it correctly, that information supplied by Craig Clark seems to go against everything re: CBS NFL HD that has been reported on this board. Check this thread for more details. Hopefully Craig is correct, but I fear not. Also, now that Comcast has folded and begun adding ESPN-HD (at no extra cost in some markets, I might add), we need to keep the pressure on TWC to do the same!
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Well, in Austin last year, the CBS affiliate played the HD SEC College Football game of the week even when it was different than the "local interest" game broadcast on the analog channel.

I'm not sure why they think there is a problem with the idea of broadcasting seperate games; we will have to wait and find out, I guess.

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Last year WGME did this - the HD feed on 13.2 and the analog on 13.1 even though they were different games.
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More follow up on post #212:

Did some research to cross reference TW cable cos. with Sinclair and Gannett TV stations and found that 3 HD channels are carried on TW cable systems. Not sure how they circumvented the 'national level' negotiations but maybe we should also pressure the locals to 'grant' the permission needed for broadcast/distribution.

Gannett WFMY (CBS - 2) Greensboro, NC (520 on TWC)
Gannett WLTX (CBS - 19) Columbia, SC (810 on TWC)
Sinclair WXLV (ABC - 45) Greensboro, NC (530 on TWC)
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Help in Maine for myhd-120 & ant. reception
First I purchased and put up a RS-120 uhf/vhf roof top antenna to get my locals ( I have Dishnetwork) I live in Portland and I am very happywith the PQ of CBS(wgme 13) NBC (wcsh 6) and ABC (wgan 8) all analog of the RS ant. I bought MYHD-120 TV tuner card (HD & analog). When I run the ant thru MYHD for the locals all I get is snow and a signal of 100% . I can not figure why I have great analog locals thru the TV but snow thru thr MYHD. I have tried testing fo HD but do not know if they are even being broadcast here in th Portland area. Can any one help me here? Going to go nuts trying to figure this one out.
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Just recieved this update from Laurie @ TWC:

If you hadn't heard yet we will be carrying the US open in high definition: Here's the schedule it will be on channel 530.

9/1/03 7pm-11pm Men's & Women's 4th Rounds

9/2/03 11am-6pm Men's 4th Rounds/Women's Quarterfinals

9/2/03 7pm-11pm Men's 4th Rounds/ Women's Quarterfinals

9/3/03 11am-6pm Men's & Women's Quarterfinals

9/3/03 7pm-11pm Men's & Women's Quarterfinals

9/4/03 11am-5pm Mixed Doubles Final/Men's Quarterfinals

9/4/03 7pm-11pm Men's Quarterfinals/Women's Doubles Semi

I then proceeded to beg her for ESPN and CBS in HD in time for football season.....
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Another update from TWC:

Update: We will be adding 2 Indemand high def channels around Sept 15th! More info to follow!
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Just wanted to chime in on the CBS game of the week. (And bump our formidable thread back up).

The HD feed on 13.2 was KC Chiefs v. SD Chargers game. The analog feed on 13.1 was Pats v. Bills. Was kind of disappointed that the Pats game wasn't in HD, but at least I was able to focus on the HD game, due to the miserable showing of the Pats. And the picture was AMAZING! At first I would switch back to the Pats game to see if they could get together at least one measly drive or not, but eventually gave up because the picture was as bad as the Pats offense (well, maybe not that bad...)

After seeing that picture, I really wish ABC & TW (and maybe even Fox?) would get their acts together in time for at least some of this season. Definitely looking forward to Sunday afternoons this year.
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I decided that it was more fun to go outside and do yard work while listening the the Sox lose to the Yankees than to watch the rest of the Pats game. Yuck.
I do believe that next weeks Pats V Eagles game IS the HD game of the week. Having recently moved back to Maine from Philly, I can share with you that the new stadium down there has been completely wired for HD. I heard that the luxury boxes have HD sets in them. Regardlesss of the outcome, next weeks game should atleast look great!
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Time Warner HD customers - anyone have the new INHD channels? If so, how do they look? What channel numbers?
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Haven't got them yet at this house. Talked to a CSR today and he didn't know what they were. E-mailed Laurie and she said I should be viewing them, but I'm not. Told her the Banner said Not Authorized. She was going to check into it. As of now I still don't have them. Maybe tomorrow. She says they are free for now. I think they are eventually going to charge 5.95 per month for them. I'll kept everyone posted.
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My CSR, while nice, was clueless on the new INHD channels. She had said that those were channels that they usually give previews on (Tennis etc.) but were not currently available. Are you So. Maine TWC customers getting anything other than SHO, HBO, DISC in HD? I am not. Also, my OTA reception has been excellent with just rabbit ears in the Saco area. DT* wants me to subscribe within 30 days though, I dont think that that will be enough time to decide between DT*, DI**, VOOM, or keep TWC. I told them I wanted to use the Zenigh for OTA for now...but they won't make an exception.
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Just heard from Laurie and she tells me that they are still testing in the office and that they should be available shortly, whatever shortly is! It seems to me that since they have used INHD for the tennis a couple of weeks ago, that they shouldn't have to test too much, but what do I know. Maybe just another stall tactic. I sure hope it's soon. I'm missing baseball in HD!! I also have heard that they can use INHD2 to prempt for local sports. Do you think TWC will work a deal with NESN to show the rest of the SOX and the Bruins in HD? I haven't asked that question yet. I think she may be sick of hearing from me, but I'll keep writing. For the amount I pay for cable, Roadrunner and Digital Phone, I want more HD!!
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I just got a note from Laurie too:

"It will be available shortly, we are waiting for confirmation to release them. Should be by month end"
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Sure, they will wait until there is no baseball left in HD. It's just like ESPNHD and the locals, they will decide to carry them with one week left in the playoffs!! (Little tough in cheek!) There are other TWC companies showing INHD and INHD2 now!! They have had weeks to test it, INDemand has been playing previews on the channel since July! I don't understand that they need release approval. They are part owner of the channels. Comcast is showing it and even have the SOX in HD. Let's get with it TW of Southern Maine!!
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INHD 1 & 2 has arrived!

I have subscribed to both channels as of this afternoon. They are available as part of a HD Tier that TWC is offering. Right now it is $9.95 per month and the first month is free. The CSR said they will be adding more channels to the Tier in the near future. PQ looks very good, presently have the Eastern Kentucky and Western Kentucky football replay on. First football game I've seen in HD and I'm pleased. Still looking for ESPNHD and the locals to show up.
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Have you found any listing of what is on the two channels? The CSR I spoke to could only describe it in general terms, and and could not even give me a place to check what is available.
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The interactive guide shows the listing of programs for INHD, but as of yesterday INHD2 had no data available. If you go to http://www.inhd.com you will find the programming schedule for both channels.
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I just noticed on a scan through the HD channels on TWC that 506 has appeared as HWCSH. I called customer service and they said it was in testing right now and should be available in a couple weeks. Some locals!
How long was the INHD testing? That should give us a good idea of the time frame.
I just realized I didn't ask if it was going to be part of the new HD Tier or not (because I've already bought it!)
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I noticed the same thing tonight. It's good to start and see the locals coming alive. I would doubt that they would call that part of the HD Tier since it is a local with same programmimg on the analog side, but you never know what is in the back of TWCs mind. I too, have bought the HD Tier and wouldn't have thought to ask the question either. Let's hope for WGME next for the NFL!! Wouldn't mind seeing some of the Bruins in HD also. Don't know if Comcast has the exclusive rights to that or not.
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In between innings I was cruising the TWC HD channels and found that WCSH-DT is up and running on 506. Law and Order in HD is on. Looks good!...but back to the Sox. I was hoping I'd find the bruins v NJ game hiding out in there on INHD or INHD2 :-) . No such luck.
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Quick addendum: Checking the TWC web site and they've reverted the HDTV web site back to the old HBO/SHO "We've added Discovery!" site..odd. No mention of the HD Tier anymore with INHD1,2. Wierd.
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It's good to hear that Channel 6 is added, as we can use more HD content. I am not sure what the long term plan is for INHD--now it just looks like sporting events you don't care about and old movies. If they could show current Sox, Patriots, Bruins (or similar) games or some more recent stuff in terms of movies, then it would be great! As it stands I am not sure it is worth keeping.

Does anyone have any news about what their plans are for programming?
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Just a quick update for everyone....according to Laurie @ TWC the HD-DVR boxes are scheduled to arrive in December. She added that there was no new information on the addition of any new HD channels (I asked specifically about WGME-CBS and ESPN-HD).
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I recently asked WMTW if they had any update regarding their upgrade to HD and they still maintain the "end of 2003/beginning of 2004" party line.

Also, anyone else experiencing audio problems on WGME-DT? I've noticed several times over the last few weeks that the audio will get choppy, almost a reverb of some sort. Eventually it seems to straighten itself out, but it can go on for 5-10 minutes at a stretch. Sometimes there's a sound that's best described as a vibration too. Anyone else?
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Also, anyone else experiencing audio problems on WGME-DT? I've noticed several times over the last few weeks that the audio will get choppy, almost a reverb of some sort. Eventually it seems to straighten itself out, but it can go on for 5-10 minutes at a stretch. Sometimes there's a sound that's best described as a vibration too. Anyone else?

Yes,we've been seeing this alot on CSI Miami,Yes Dear.Still Standing etc. Signal Strength is in the 80's... It appears on 13-2 but not 13-1, strange.
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