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Google Working On A Set-Top Box?

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Google Working On A Set-Top Box?

According to Gizmodo, Google is continuing it's business approach of throwing their hat into everything, everywhere. Google hopes that the new platform will succeed where dozens of lesser efforts have failedto truly and seamlessly integrate web content onto TVs, bringing services like Twitter and sites like YouTube, in addition to games, webapps, and, of course, Google's search, to the big screen. The Google TV software reportedly includes a version of Google's Chrome browser for doing some light surfing, as well. The New York Times says Google TV will be delivered on set-top boxes that use Intel Atom chips and run an Android-based platform, though the technology will also reportedly be built directly into Blu-ray players and TVs from Sony. Additionally, Google is working with Logitech to built a keyboard-equipped remote control for the platform.

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Ummm wasn't this called WebTV?
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The technology available for implementing an internet connected tv has made leaps and bounds since WebTV.

WebTV was basically taking a tv adding a completely separate functionality for browsing the web. Meaning there was no overlap between TV viewing and the internet aspect of it.

Now there is much better tech available to merge internet w/ TV so that the internet content complements the tv viewing experience. There's a lot of interesting possibilities available with this.
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Like marketing to a new captive audience.... Google would not be doing it purely for the revenue from selling the device, they are in it for the ad-on revenue going forward.

I must say they have the money and name to make a go of something that would have failed by others.
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Google seems to have their fingers into everything digital, so this comes as no surprise. I'll be interested to see how well it functions.
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There's also a new rumor circulating that Apple is going to release an all-in-one HDTV:


Both were fighting over the mobile space with their respective app stores. Now it seems they are both positioning themselves to fight over the television screen as well. It will be interesting to see if Google's more open approach is successful over Apple's controlled ecosystem. Both have their respective pros and cons. There's probably room for both to coexist and compete which would be great for us, the consumers.
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Do you think that the Apple Tv won't be able to show Flash Gordon?

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