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Storage shed as Home Theater?

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My 1500 sq ft house is too small and is an open concept house so I can't put in a dedicated home theater. I am planning (at least until I come to my senses) to build a "storage shed" out back as a home theater. Has anyone done this? I searched through the forums and did not come up with anything but then there is a lot in this site that I could have missed.

Code restricts me to 120 sq ft. with a room about 9' X 13' or so. I'd like to leave room in the back for my computer stuff. Screen will be a 58-65" plasma and I'll utilize my old Yamaha NS-1000m's and some new components I have laying around.

Your suggestions and observations are welcome.
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My first question is how will you control temperature and humidity? Will you piss off the neighbors will the sound bleeding out? What will your storage shed be made of?
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Originally Posted by Remax View Post

My first question is how will you control temperature and humidity? Will you piss off the neighbors will the sound bleeding out? What will your storage shed be made of?

The room would be built out of conventional wood framing and insulate either with the sound panels used in homes (inside and out?) or even just fill the walls with sand and screw glued/caulked plywood to keep it in. It will be on a concrete foundation and the cost to heat/cool it would be nominal anyway because the room is so small. The plan is to use an electric wall or baseboard heater for heat and then mount a window A/C unit in the attic (so I can insulate for noise) and duct it into the room. I expect cooling would be more important due to the heat from the equipment and lights. Putting the shed up detached from the house saves a LOT of hassles with noise in the house and, since I'm building from the ground up, I should be able to manage the sound transmission from the building if I pay attention to the lessons others on AVS Forum have learned about that.
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I've seen a thread in a UK forum for just this, looked pretty cool...
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Years and years ago I helped install a guy that did his in a 16'x12' Teds shed tall barn....

Insulation, double dry wall. He heated it with a small portable radiator style oil filled electric heater and a portable AC unit. Turned out pretty darn nice.

Nice enough that my next theater for myself will most likely be very similar.
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I'd put the plasma in the house and a projector in the shed!
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There was a thread a while back about a guy doing this I don't recall the link.

This thread may be of use as it has links to many small room theater projects. http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=996973

If I was approaching this project I wouldn't think of this as a shed but more of a detached theater room addition. I don't see any insurmountable problems other than local code compliance. I wouldn't rule out using a projector. If you sit 10 from the screen you could do 100 inch diagonal.
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No basement?

http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=996973 has lots of examples of "potential".
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I hope this reply shows up in the right place. I'll reply to a couple of the posts to my question in this message.

First, no basement, many of the homes in this neighborhood have sump pumps just to keep the crawl space dry. We are near the west coast and get LOTS of rain and have a high water table.

Thanks for the link to the small room projects, I'll look through it as I'm sure there are lots of good ideas there. Also, I do agree that it will really be a detached home theater rather than storage shed, but I called it storage shed because the local regulations restrict the size to 120 sq ft. It isn't supposed to have any utilities either but I am going to put power in it.

I'm going to work with the frequency, seating layout, and screen calculators others have been so generous to provide to get a balance in the actual dimensions as I want two rows of seats with only one reclining and I need the back wall to also be my computer/work desk. The projector suggestion is a good one, but I'll to see if I can get everything in the very limited space.

Thanks for your input - this site is a terrific resource and a quality example of the internet at its best.
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Two rows with with the back wall reserved for a computer work desk doesn't seem possible in this amount of space.

I would think hard about how to put the desk in front of first row on either side or some kind of hidden tuck away concept on the front wall for a work center.
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I thought this was a great compromise for an open floor setup


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We use our shed for a theater, but in a different way. And since adding a fridge, microwave, and sound system it is less a "shed" and more of a "garden cottage" (my wife's words).

All of our equipment is in the shed, but we project the image onto a rear projection screen outside. Speakers are moved outside for sound and we project the image out the door onto the screen.

I know it's not exactly what you have in mind, but I thought I'd toss out another idea.
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