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Mitsu wd-52525 - green wavy lines

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Hi all, my 52 inch Mitsubishi DLP went on the blink Friday evening - was fine Thursday night then turned it on Friday evening and no picture - just a lot of green wavy horizantal lines - I can hear the audio and the device manager and setting controls worked fine.

When I tried some of the other devices inputs I got a light blue screen with a round faded circle in the middle of the screen - I usually got a darker blue screen when there is no input. I tried input 3 where my DVD player is connected and got nothing. I also tried the front A/V inputs and those did not work either. I connected the satellite box to another TV and that worked fine so i know it's not my Direct TV box. My TV is a little over 5 years old and I replaced the lamp last March. I'll also mentione that the picture quality has been looking washed out and faded lately.

Any ideas what it could be? and/or what type of cost I'm looking at to fix?

also, how much in general would/should a service tech charge to come out and tell me my set is broken?

thanks in advance!!

one other note - this morning (saturday) - i turned it on and now my lamp button turns red after the initial power button blinks green for a few seconds - now can't hear any audio and none of the device/setting functions work - i pulled the lamp cartridge andit looks fine (not burned out like my last lamp) - could a lamp relacement fix all the issues I have???
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If it isn't the lamp, then it's the ballast, but sounds as there are other issues.
Do you have the service manual, if not;

Or here for free;
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almost a guarantee with this set that your capacitors/electrical chassis are failing. very very common issue with the mits WD 52/62x25 sets.

IF you want to get it repaired it will cost ~$200-300 in labor to a local mits service tech center and you get a 1 year warranty through Mits USA. go to the owners thread and get more help.

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