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Panasonic 711XU - skintone problems  

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Just picked up a brand new L712E - that's the Aussie model # for the 711XU - - it has exactly the same specs just a different model #...
I have a problem with strange artifacts in light shaded areas like the shadow area of faces - lots of little blotches that look very much like freckles - only they move/disappear as the face turns in to the light! It seems like it might be a problem with the way the L712 interprets or interpolates light shading. The only way to reduce it to an acceptable levelis to set the sharpness to zero - anything from 1 onwards produces this unnaceptable effect.
Have tried all combinations of brightness/contrast/saturation etc - nothinh has helped.
Otherwise the picture quality is excellent - running in low power mode and with settings at close to default...
(no dead/hot pixels!)
Using a Pioneer DVD via s-video. Tried component out and that suffers the same problem.
They say a picture tells a thousand words - i will try and capture a reasonable shot of the problem tonight.
Any help appreciated

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I have noticed the same problem with my system using the Cinema 13HD projector. I play DVDs from a home theater pc, and I've noticed on certain scenes where there's shading, I can see pixelization and tell a definite difference between colors in the shaded area.

Have you fixed your problem? If so, how did you do it?
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No the problem is still there the only way around it is to keep the sharpness on zero which works well except that the picture is perhaps a shade too soft for my liking but that's probably because i am used to watching DVD on a Sony PVM 2950 monitor with very high definition/sharpness.
Over the months I have I learnt to live with it.
Using a (borrowed) HTPC via the vga input seems to help as with that source the shrpness can be adjusted up a notch or two from zero without any bad shading/skintone problems.
My 712E is still in the repair shop for the lamp cutting out after only 200 hrs use. Hope to be picking it up this week sometime.
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