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Non-Standard Sony DVI Port

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Question in Pictures

Question in Words
First off, I apologize if this has been answered before or is in the wrong section, but I searched for a long time and could not find anything.

My TV (Sony 34XBR910) has a strange DVI connector on the back. Looking at the different ones on Wikipedia, it's closest to a "DVI-D (dual link)" but it has two extra vertical pins, for a total of 27.

I've connected a normal DVI-D cable and everything works fine, but those two extra pins are bothering me. Is Sony doing something special with those two extra pins? All it says in the manual is that it complies with the "EIA-861 standard", which is incredibly helpful.

So, can anyone here tell me what those two extra pins are for?
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Here is a link for DVI pinouts:
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Thank you so much for the reply, but I'm still confused. From the information there the closest thing that it might be is if they are Red and Blue connections with no Sync or Green, which obviously is silly.

It might be some kind of YPbPr setup, but I can't find any information (or any adapter that might work) on that anywhere.
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Possibly for manufacturer test/diags.
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Bottom line...

If your TV and connected devices work properly, why worry?

Here's a SWAG:
Considering the age of your TV, perhaps Sony utilized those two pins for some type of "remote" signalling/controls when connected to Sony peripherals.
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Because I'm a worrier?

I thought it might be one of Sony's special connections (but I hadn't thought about diagnostics... that kind of makes sense.) My first thought was some strange form of HDCP for a Sony Blu-Ray player, but my searches turned up nothing.

You are right that it really doesn't matter, it's just bugging me that the TV might have some neat feature that I don't know about.
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I say a definite no.
Old TV, old tech, analog pins, no HDCP strange form or worries if it works.

I'd lean towards a Sony proprietary feature (when used with Sony DVI external devices) that no longer exists with new(er) tech.

If you really want to get a definitive answer, you can try to contact Sony directly and inquire.
(but, don't get your hopes up for an accurate explanation. )
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You mean an accurate explanation like this one?
Katherine Hartman,

Thank you for contacting Sony Support.

I understand that you want the information on the PIN configuration of the DVI port of the TV. I have provided a link* with the information in this regard:


*You may be asked to enable or allow the link to work.

Further, Digital Visual Interface (DVI) technology was developed to enable high-resolution applications to be run on digital flat-panel displays. Both DVI-I (digital and analog) and DVI-D (digital only) video cables are available as either single-link or dual-link capable. If a Computer and monitor pair require a DVI-I connector - a dual-link cable of the DVI-I type will work for all resolutions.

* Single-link: (18 pins on the digital side of the connector) Allows resolutions up to 1600 x 1200.

* Dual-link: (24 pins on the digital side of the connector) Allows resolutions up to 2048 x 1536.

* A dual-link cable is usually more expensive than a single-link of the same type (DVI-D or DVI-I) but offers almost twice the potential bandwidth.

* The differences between single-link and dual-link does not matter when the cable is being used in an analog configuration.

Thank you for understanding.

The Sony Email Response Team

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Well, maybe you should ask:
Why doesn't the Sony DVI interface comply to "standards" (in regard to pinouts)?
What is the purpose of the C1 and C3 pins on the Sony TV's DVI interface?

You probably won't get an answer to (completely) satisfy your curiosity.
So... be happy! It works and enjoy.
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sorry to bother you,, I have the same question, I want to connect my computer using  a vga connector and a dvi d adapter to display computer info on the  tv screen


Were you able to do this with this  video in input?

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This has nothing to do with this
topic, but what you describe will just work.
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