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Best inexpensive video capture device?

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I have a bunch of VHS tapes I want to transfer to DVD.

My budget is around $40-$50 so I have narrowed it down to the following devices, can anyone tell me which is the best for an XP machine?

Diamond VC500 $34.99

StarTech SVID2USB2 $39.99

Video Magician DV/AV/TV 3IN1 $49.99
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I bought a inexpensive DVD set top recorder for this purpose. Transferred all my old home movies with 1 click. Used DVD Decrypter to make ISOs of the burned DVDs. Now can edit them as I wish or just stream them across my home network to my PCH and XBMC devices.
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Just a regular DVD recorder? What are some good models, prices?

BTW, thanks for the help dogmanky
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Also, during playback, the tapes seem quite messed up, I used a head cleaner tape but did not fix it. I do not think it is the tapes, these tapes have rarely been played back. Will this be picked up when I do the transfer?
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If these are commercial tapes you will need to get a descrambler or some other type of video capture device that does not have Digital Rights Management (DRM) or copy protection. The problem you are having is most likely due to copy protection. Most all dvd recorders have this circuitry built in.
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The problem is happening during regular playback with my VCR. The tapes of not been watched for 8 years or so, could this be the problem?
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VHS tapes have a finite life span (one of the reasons they became obsolete). I have several tapes that have degraded picture quality and color saturation and there is not much I can do about it. Over time the tapes become demagnetized and lose playbility.

With many of the tapes I have, I have put the ones with the least amount of degradation on DVD using a Sony RDR-VX560 that I bought from Tigerdirect for around $120. It is a one-click device. Load the Tape/DVD, and load a blank DVD/Tape and press either the record to Video or record to DVD button, and bingo. Go have a cup or 5 of coffee. If it is a two hour movie, it takes two hours to transfer. Remember that you will get VHS quality on a DVD record. Don't expect any improvement in video quality when transferring.
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Great, thanks for all the help guys.
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As said, if you are speaking of commercial tapes, then you will have to remove the Macrovision from the tapes before you will be able to copy them into any other format.

If they are self shot tapes (personal) and playback is bad to your TV directly from the VCR, then you have VCR issues, especially if the issues are consistent from tape to tape.

I think I have 2 old VCRs I haven't used in over half a decade you could borrow.
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