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Non Powered subwoofer

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I just bought a set of speakers with a non powered subwoofer (Only a red / black connection on back. No power cord)and a yamaha V365 receiver. The only output to a subwoofer from this receiver is a Pre-Out RCA jack. Is there any way I can still use this sub or do I need to buy a powered sub?

One of my friends mentioned running the sub in series parallel with my front towers. I was confused on what he was talking about. My front towers have these connections on back. (Red + Black HF) (Red + Black LF) 4 connections on each tower. Is it even possible to use this sub with my receiver. I have everything else working but my sub.

I read over http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=1045531 and they mentioned it but only if your sub has outputs. My sub only has 1 red and 1 black. My front towers have the LF and RF though.

**Edit: Here are my speakers "Acesonic SP-510 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System"
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Hi pantera975 and welcome to the forum.

Does the non power subwoofer have left and right input and output?
If so connect speaker wires from your receiver's front left and right speaker channels to the subwoofer left and right input jacks. Then connect speaker wires to subwoofer left and right output jacks and connect the other end to your left and right front speakers.

If not then a separate amplifier will be needed to the power the sub.

Your best solution is to spend the money on a new power subwoofer instead of a separate amplifier.
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This is how my setup looks

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As JChin said: "Your best solution is to spend the money on a new power subwoofer instead of a separate amplifier."
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Originally Posted by Kal Rubinson View Post

As JChin said: "Your best solution is to spend the money on a new power subwoofer instead of a separate amplifier."

I planned on buying a new sub in 3 weeks. I was just looking for a way to use this one for the time being. I guess its not possible then?
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No. Please do not try to wire that sub parallel or series with the other speaker(s). Since there is no amp for the sub you risk doubling or halving the ohm rating. So series will double, reducing the sound output and effectively halving the power. If you parallel them you will overwork your receiver and probably damage it. Just get an amp (mono block or 2 channel bridge able) or buy a sub that is powered. The latter is the best bet, as a new powered sub can be had for around 100 dollars (polk psw10 or sony) and for 200 (bic f12 or equivalent). Good luck!
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You can go around your neighborhood on trash day (or swapmeet, craigslist, etc) and snag an old stereo receiver. Then connect the LFE out of your receiver to the input of your "throw-away" receiver. Assuming you get something with about 60 watts per channel, it'll sound ok, and it'll be better than nothing. It'll be a plus if you could even bridge the 2 stereo channels.

I had an Radio Shack Optimus 12" sub in the bedroom with an old dolby digital receiver for about a year and it sounded good enough to rumble.

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ok, well i appreciate all your guys' suggestions. I will be buying a dayton subwoofer this evening. One more question that I have.. In the pic above, my towers have 4 ports on them HF +/- and LF +/-. Now right now I have my receiver connected to HF +/- and nothing going to LF +/-. When I get my new powered sub, it has outputs on the sub for 2 surrounds and 2 fronts. Should I hook my 2 front outputs from the sub to my LF +/- AND keep my HF on my receiver or just leave it how it is? Or do I connect all 4 to my receiver?
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I had a passive subwoofer with built in cross-overs. Because my receiver was not sufficiently powerful, I purchased a separate subwoofer amp that failed within two years. After that I powered the subwoofer with an extra receiver.

You may have difficulty if you cannot route only the lower frequencies to the subwoofer.

It is still better to get a powered subwoofer.
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