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For those who did a bar \ tile as well.

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I know many of you guys did your whole basement as you were doing your home theater room. I am in the same boat now and have a question. Did you build your bar and put your cabinets in place and then tile your floor up to the cabinets or did you tile your floor and then place your cabinets on top of your tiled floor?

I am guessing cabinets on concrete floor and then tile around the cabinets would be the route to go, since the concrete floor is smooth and even.

I know it isn't exactly the right forum, but I have seen many posts including the bar areas and thought it would be a good place to ask.

Thanks, Abs
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You really could do it either way. Just be aware of putting untreated wood directly on the concrete. It can lead to wood rot.

Personally, I like the look of the tiles spaced off the wood cabinets one grout line thickness. That way you have complete tiles right next to the wood with them framed by grout vs. having the tiles run under the wood and the joint between the two covered with caulk.

You can somewhat see what I mean here. After the baseboard was installed there was a ¼” gap between the tiles and the wall, and their was a ¼” gap between the tiles and the riser (no bar in my basement.) I grouted after installing the baseboard and floated it right up against the baseboard. It gives the tiles a cleaner look, imo.

You can also kind of see it in the corner of this picture:

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I like the look of that. I planned on doing the cabinets on the concrete and laying roof felt down between the floor and cabinets to protect against moisture.
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Althou I did not do tile in my bar my experience with laminate is similar.

I used stock kitchen cabinets but as was a concrete floor in basement I did not want them directly on the floor. So a used some round headed screws to create a gap.

I then install the laminate around the cabenets & bar.

However, when I went to install my beverage cooler - it was very tight. So be sure you allow for anything like that to be installed. It was a PITA for me and I still slightly damaged the floor.
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Tile then cabinets. It does seems logical to do the other way around for many reasons. I presented my case to the cabinet distributor, the bar designer, the bar installer, and the tile installer to do the cabinets first and then tile around. They all said the floor should be installed first. Ultimately they said it was my choice and they would accomodate me either way (the bar installer said he would shim all the cabinets which would increase his install cost, and the tile guy said his labor cost would not decrease because of the additional cuts required) but I went with the consensus recommendation to tile first.
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It also depends what kind of cabinet your gonna go with as well. I ended up going with IKEA cabinets, and they offer you different options. The one I went with was square metal legs with a sleeve which hides an adjustable screw/plastic foot. I would say do the floor first as well.
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I set my cabinets right on the concrete floor, since I have a very sandy soil and water/moisture is not a problem. Then had the tile laid right up to the cabinets. But as mentioned earlier, be sure to plan for any appliances that you are installing under your counter. I installed my kegerator after the countertop and tile was installed and it was a very tight fit getting it in place. Once it was in place all was well since it set on the concrete just like cabinets. It's also a good idea to use hydroflex or Schluter Ditra if the concrete is cracked to help keep your tile from cracking. Good Luck.
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If you are planning any under-cabinet appliances it is best to raise the cabinets to the level of the tile to avoid an aw $hit moment in your life. If you are are using pricey tiles, grab some cheap ones of the same thickness for under the cabinets.
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I built a small knee wall that will act as the wall for the bar. I tiled the entire area (even under the cabinets), primarily because it required fewer tiles AND so that I could get a consistent height for the under counter appliances that I wanted to install (dishwasher and bar sink). I then ordered and installed the bar cabinets.

Photos in my thread.

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I prefer to tile and then place cabinets, much cleaner install and if you desire to change cabinets/design you can do so.

FWIW, my bar was not done this way and when I remodeled it left me with few choices (I preferred to move my bar out a foot from the wall but the previous install precluded an easy fix.


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I put the cabinets down then tiled after. I think either way is fine.
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I tiled first. The concrete is not very level but my tile guy tried his best to level out the tiles. Did the same in the kitchen and baths when we built the house, makes it easier if we decide to remodel
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