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Blu-ray player review: Denon DBP-4010 UD

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Blu-ray player review: Denon DBP-4010 UD

Denon released this player only a few months after introducing the DVD-A1 UD. It's tempting to see the new model as a cut-down and, at 1,999 USD, much cheaper version of Denon's leading model, but that would fail to do it justice.
It's actually more different than you'd imagine from its bigger brother: The drive mechanism has been redesigned, for example, and many of the components are new. There are also a few superficial changes: The SD-card slot, for example, is housed within the display panel, as opposed to hiding under a flap as it did on the A1 UD.
What this Denon does share with the earlier model is its impressive output quality. Blu-ray and DVD pictures are outstanding, as is the sound. But although the 4010 UD scored highly, at 8.3 points out of 10, we also found room for a few criticisms: Paramount among these are the ridiculously long loading times. We tore into the same problem in the A1 UD, and it's a disappointment to see little progress on this front. In terms of picture quality, we noticed some color errors in up-scaled DVD signals, but the player's performance was otherwise flawless throughout.

We were, as usual, impressed with the Denon Link, a type of high-fidelity audio connection that's unique to Denon devices. Improving on the impressive audio output quality via normal connections was no easy task, but the Denon Link delivered. For films, however, the player switches its output over to HDMI; the Denon Link only acts as a clock generator, but still manages to deliver audible sound-quality improvements.
To put it simply: We're impressed. The 4010 UD might not quite match the A1 UD's supreme performance, but it's still a very, very good player. It also costs less than half as much and that might be all the persuasion many buyers need.

Read the full review of the Denon DBP-4010 UD at Televisions.com. Any comments on the device or our review are most welcome.
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Thanks for the review.

Somehow I don't want my blu-ray players as big as my amps.
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oh wow, that thing is big
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you can convert the blu-ray disk to other format with the same high quality, so that you can enjoy it in the way you like i had ever done this by itopsoft things
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