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Need some screen help

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I have one of those openings above the fireplace where my current 42 in LCD TV sits. I just got a new Sony 4400ES receiver which really makes it sound amazing but now the screen's too small. There are also in-wall speakers inside that opening. I've been toying with the idea of getting a screen and a projector which would cover that entire opening, so it would need to be acoustically transparent. Since I want to be able to use the TV during the day the screen needs to be retractable as well. Any ideas on the best way to deal with this or any screen recommendations?

Here's what it looks like
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seriously no one?
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Not sure what your dimensions are, but try his thread Here also check out his website which you can find there as well.

If your a DIY kind of person you can save a grip with his diy kit.. also there are a blue million threads dealing with retractable screens and AT screens. with way more info than you probobly need. Cheers
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I just set up my home theater with a DaLite High Power. I got the Cosmopolitan Electrol with the Video Projector Interface, so the screen lowers and raises automatically when the project is turned on/off.

Oh, I forgot, you wanted acoutically transparent. They have a screen material for that. You can read about the different materials on their website (sorry, I can't post URLs yet).
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