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Originally Posted by Geopopoulos View Post

I have the same problems: some MKVs play fine, others play for 5 or 10 minutes and then the BX580 crashes and powers off and others will not start and the player returns immediately to the menu or start playing the next MKV if there is a playable one. All MKVs play on my PC.
I updated the BX580 to the offical latest LG driver H80597 and software BD842114D.
I'm searching for a solution.

Idem, exactly the same problem. All mkv work fine on my pc but approx 8 of 10 mkv causes the bx580 to crash, powers off, or the player show a bad 3d, or returns immediately to the menu or even start playing the next MKV if there is a playable one.
I hope there is a solution.
Additionally, I have a 3D TV vt20 from panasonic and I cannot use the viera link with the LG. I preferred to buy the LG bx580 instead of a model from panasonic because the LG was cheaper and it was said to be a "universal player" of all format including mkv......grrr.
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I need to puntualize that the problem occurs with 3d mkv, whereas "normal 2D" mkv have been played in the bx580 without problems.
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Has anyone tried streaming a 3D mkv on this player? I am anxious to get mine all setup, but my projector will not be here until Wednesday.
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I've just set mine up, and I'm having both MKV and AVI files power off the player when I try to play them. I've streamed these files just fine to my Xbox 360 and PS3. Still playing, but if there are any ideas I'm glad to hear them!
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Hello guys,

it is possible that the management of type subs. srt is so archaic?

In practice, if I have a cd with those files


It shows me all files, while a 6 year old Philips shows me only, of course, the video file.
Then I have to manually associate ONE sub before starting the video, and last but not least even it doesent shows the name of the language, but only writes "1 "!!!!!!!!!
WIth all other DVD player i have i had only to push "subtitle" button to change the subs, showing the name of the language. Now its impossible.

ITS ABSURD!!!l !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tell me that is a problem only mine, so i can carry-back it to fix. I do not think in 2011 we can accept an absurd way of managing files and subs as this LG do!

Thanks amd sorry for my english

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My problem here was I was using PS3 Media Server as my DLNA server. I tried the Windows 7 WMP server, and I had more success but still had files that wouldn't play. I finally installed Nero from the supplied CD, and it's mostly working! I have at least one MKV file that still shuts down the player, but most I've tested work fine. Even better - I'm streaming via wireless N and getting decent results with MKV's and MP4's!

Originally Posted by 4thought View Post

I've just set mine up, and I'm having both MKV and AVI files power off the player when I try to play them. I've streamed these files just fine to my Xbox 360 and PS3. Still playing, but if there are any ideas I'm glad to hear them!
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One more thing - could LG have made an uglier player menu?? What's with the underwater ice cube thing? I hope they implement a normal menu in a future firmware update
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My BX580 won't play VC-1 through Home Link, says "cannot play this file". All other mkv's, ts, and m2ts files with h264 video will work, but not VC-1. DTS Master Audio will not work through Home Link either. Any feedback will be appreciated. Thanks.
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Anyone know what it does? I tried for the Korean translation and simply got
"BX580.AKOR - Version: BD.8.42.115.D - Enhancements: 3D disk solve your problems"

was really hoping for a DVD region free hack oh well
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I recently played a movie that is DTS Master, but the display on my VSX-32 is showing only DTS. I have my HDMI out and Digital out set to DTS-Re-encode. Is this setting wrong? TIA
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Hello to every BX580 owner or future owner.

I have bought the LG BX580 two months ago and I'm generally very happy by the features and price.

I have made a list of cons based on my 2 months experience:

1) It has stereo only analog output, so you need a receiver with Digital inputs (Optical, HDMI) for multichannel sound - No problem for me (due to AVR)

2) It has only one HDMI output and it is version 1.4. So it needs a receiver with HDMI v1.4 input for 3D Video and Audio - No problem for me (due to AVR)

3) It has no internal decoder for HD Audio (Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, DTS-HD High Resolution Audio, DTS-HD Master Audio). Only DTS and Dolby Digital internal decoder. So it needs an external receiver with HDMI input and HD Audio decoder to pass through (bitstream) the HD Audio.

But there is no support of HD Audio from video files (USB, Optical disk) - MAJOR PROBLEM.

I have tried MKV, M2TS, AVI, MPG files containing any of the HD Audio formats from USB source (external HDD) and optical disk (DVD) with no success.

So the only support of HD Audio that seems to have is BD-ROM disc. I haven't tried it yet.

4) You can't change subtitle attributes (font, size etc) - Minor problem for me.

5) There is no support for VC-1 and WMV video format - No problem for me (due to HTPC and lack of VC-1 movies)

6) No internal memory for BD-LIVE and CD ripping - Minor problem (I have an external USB HDD)

7) Some limitations to MKV files - Minor problem (Some incompatibilities with subtitles format or other unknown reason). But most of the them are OK.

So for me the only major problem is the lack of HD Audio support.

Waiting for your feedback
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Hi there!
I bought this blu-ray player and I'm partially disappointed. Since I live in Argentina I can't play most of my DVD and Blu-ray titles I've bought in England. Does anybody know of some hack to make this player region free? Thx!
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I needed a Cinavia free player so bought this one on eBay today. Does anyone know if the current Ver:BD.8.42.141.D/Date:2012.07.02 firmware will add it?

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bd.8.42.130.d is the last Cinavia free firmware from November 15 2011.

Anyone still have that one?
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Thought I'd just share my recent experience. I bought this bluray player with the main advantage it can play MKV container files encoded in H.264 over a DLNA network. I must say overall the experience over the last year has been pretty much satisfactory (not perfect - though I found ways around most issues I encountered).

Until yesterday..... I upgraded automatically to firmware Ver:BD.8.42.141.D/Date:2012.07.02 and all of a sudden all MKV files would not play at all over a network connection, only from a USB storage device. How peeved I was when this happened. Solution behind it was to use the firmware link posted by E30Cabrio in order to downgrade to Ver:BD.8.42.130.D/Date:2011.11.17.

Again it wasn't an easy fix as the player wouldn't recognise the files on the USB stick, a little investigation and renaming them:

From LG_BD_5280B32.ROM-00 to LG_BD_5200B32.ROM-00
From LG_BD_5280B32.ROM-01 to LG_BD_5200B32.ROM-01

In case anyone else has this issue, this seemed to do the trick! Now I'm happily streaming MKV files again smile.gif
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I got my unit yesterday. It played a cinavia disk. It has Has anyone updated past this version and been able to play cinavia infected copies?

Still no 100% guarantee .141 is cinavia free.
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LG called back and said there are no updates with Cinavia. I installed the latest BX580 firmware and am 50 minutes into playing a copy without incident. Previously this disk gave the error within 30 minutes or so.
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Now it is taking forever to load disks or it hangs after previews. I tried to back it down to 130 but it won't let me. How did you figure the naming scheme? I tried LG_BD_5200B32, LG_BD_5300B32 and LG_BD_5180B32 but none worked.
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Yess ; MKV works again ; THNX ; I had the same problem ; but by using
the older Firmware and renaming it to the previous mensioned names
(I also put the zip file on the stick and renamed the files in there also)
got it working again like a charm.

Ps. look at Tripmain's post
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HELP! My BX580 won't play blu rays anymore!

I've tried everything; updates, resetting to factory default, unplugging it overnight, using two different lens cleaners...nothing seems to work.

Whether I load the disc, and push it in to start, or turn it on with the disc already loaded, or press" close tray" on the remote...I get the same thing - the tray opens back up, and the screen says "check disc."

Yes, it used to play them, and yes, it does play dvds fine.

Thanks for any advice.

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Havent used my player much lately but did last night and noticed there was a new firmware update. DL'd and installed it.....low & behold, they fixed the .mkv network problem. Tried two movies that previously didnt play and both played well.
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Anyone know how to get subtitles on netflix? My only real issue with this unit (I now have 2 of these) is no subtitle button on the remote like every other DVD player I have ever had. It works on my PS3 so I know there are subtitles available.

The word subtitles appears on one page in the manual, where it tells you to set it up in disk menu when starting a DVD. Thanks, thats hepfuh.
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I bought a remote for a 620 which has a subtitle button. Works great, just not the darn subtitle button.


Anybody know a way to get subtitles on Netflix?
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Got the Dark Knight Trilogy (US) and none of the discs will play. They play on other BR players.
Other (older) discs play fine
Machine says firmware is up to date.
I did factory reset, still nothing.

The disc spins, makes some noise, and then errors out and spits out the disc.

Any thoughts?

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I had a similar problem with Skyfall. LG says a new update is coming. Oddly it plays fine in 2 others (I have three, they are cheap Netflix streamers & Cinavia beaters on eBay)
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My system is asking for an update

From Driver Version - H80603 to H80604
SW Version - BD8.42.130.D to SW Version - BD.8.97.142.D

should i update to this new version or is there any better SW version available ?

what is the changelog on this new SW version.

please help


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