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Difference between two amps..

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I picked up an old QSC 1400 amp...cleaned it up..and wanted to see if it's okay..so I switched my Crest CPX2600 for it on my 2xTHT's and to my amazement they sounded different.... at the same volume level the sound sounded like it had more bass... Now I know the Crest is rated at about 750 per side in 4 oms and the QSC 300.... So my question is ..'is it my imagination or something is happening? Granted I was always scared to crank the Crest fearing I would blow something... but still... Maybe those old "made in the USA' amps were underated or something...
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can you measure the response for each of them and post it? It could show if the QSC has a filter or something.
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I'll do that this weekend.. cause my stuff is not setup..
I think you are correct... in saying there's a filter in there.

When I got the Crest playing the subs are more omnidirectional with the QSC they stick out more.
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I took a couple of sweeps..

This is with the Qsc..

This is with the Crest

This is with the meter close to the throat area...

These are two THT's with their throats attached...
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Did you move the mic or the sub between the above sweeps?
What do the sweeps look like at a more reasonable level?
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I can't move the subs.... and the mic was at the same place.

The only thing I might of fudged up is I had the window open .... and it might have picked some noise up.
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You were hitting almost 120dB! How much more noise could come in the window?

Redo your sweeps at low volume (90 or 95dB) and at high volume.
Which ones look similar?
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"At the same volume level..." do you mean same measured volume level, or same volume knob setting?

If it's the latter and the two amps have different gain, that might explain the perception of more bass because an amp with higher gain will play louder at any given volume setting.
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