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2010 Samsung LEDs with Internet@TV/Samsung App Issue

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Anyone else have a 2010 Samsung TV with Internet@TV experiencing any weirdness with registering VUDU, getting someone elses Pandora stations and profile showing up on their TV? What about constant Internet@TV updates? If so check out my post from earlier located here. To summarize the other message - 3 TVs, in different cities and states with the same mac address on all. All are UN55C6500. I thought I would start a new thread since my original is buried...

I have spoken with the other 2 people that have the same MAC address tonight. One of them, swapped his out today with the the same model UN55C6500 and still has the same problems. He gets an error when trying to register Vudu, an error stating the device ID has already been registered. He registered Pandora, and as soon as that happened, myself and the 3rd guy go into our respective Pandora apps on our TVs and we now see the other guys stations and e-mail address, not our own.

The other guy filled in for me today and tried dealing with Samsung support looking for an update and he said Samsung told him that they are aware of the issue and that it is actually an issue with his TVs unique device ID, not his MAC address. Well, after reading up on Yahoo TV widget development on their forums, my understanding is the the device ID is based on the MAC address, possibly a hash of the MAC address.

I also called VUDU back to see if they had made any progress and was told Samsung is working on the issue but did not know when it would be resolved.

I am trying to determine what models are affected so if you have any weirdness that I describe above please let us know your model number. I only have 14 days to return my TV and I am on day 7. Chances are I will need to swap it before they have a resolution. If I step up to a UN55C7000 or something else, I want to be sure they don't have the same issue with Internet@TV and apps.

My other concern is that since it appears that the MAC address being duplicated on multiple sets is part of the issue, that the TV will need to be serviced. Does anyone know if Samsung TV's MAC address/device ID can be altered via a software update or is it burned on the hardware. If it can be fixed via a software update I might just sit tight and deal with the issue until there is fix. Or I may just give up and go with another brand.

Hate to bother you fine folks with my problem but currently Samsung is not giving up to much information about the problem, what the resolution is and when to expect it. I am curious if anyone else has any of these symptoms and what the rest of you think about the situation...

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A MAC address can be changed through software on a computer. IMHO, I can think of three fixes: either it could be fixed through the service menu (unlikely, see http://samsungplasmatvfaq.com/index.php/Service_Menu), custom firmware with a new MAC address for you, or if possible, fixing server side how they identify TV sets.

If I were you, I would return the set for another one.
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Update - A "product specialist" did not return my call within the agreed time. I just got off the phone with Samsung tier 2 support. They told me it was an "engineering" problem with the TV itself and it has been escalated to the engineering group. Customer support did not have an answer for me as to the root cause of the problem nor a resolution. They also could not tell me if it was just the UN55C6500 TVs with this issue so I could decide if I want to stick with samsung but a different model

So unfortunately, I wont have a suitable resolution before my allowed return date with the retailer and with no information about the affected models, it looks like I will have to steer clear of any 2010 samsung.

Went into my retailer on lunch to talk about and exchange. My dilemma now is do I go with a 60" Sony EX700 or jump to the new LG PK750 plasma. The LG PK750 looked really good to me and has all of the internet TV features I want and is cheaper than the Samsung I bought.

The Sony EX700 are admittedly middle of the road and PQ does not appeal to me as the Samsungs or the PK750 but perhaps that could be tweaked. Never really considered plasma but I am at least entertaining the idea.

My other option I is the LG 55LE8500 but that is more money than I want to spend.

I've always liked Samsung and own 4 other components of theirs but I guess I have to test the waters with some other brand.

Bummed that I have to box the UN55C6500 back up and go through that headache.

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In October of the year I purchased Samsung 58" plasma, model PN58C6500TF, (serial #Z1ZF3CKZ401716M) from HD specialists in Torrance California. The TV was purchased to replace a tiring Philips plasma. For the record I thought I had thoroughly completed my homework, read numerous online reviews and conducted various price comparisons. I narrowed my search between LG and Samsung and went with the Samsung. The main selling point was the ability to watch streaming video, (Netflix and Hulu) since my family enjoys both services and Samsung name recognition.

To welcome the purchase, I upgraded my Internet service by dropping my AT&T DSL and switched to cable Internet, purchases a new Apple Airport router and direct wired my TV to the router. Installation was rather smooth until I attempted to sync my TV to the Internet. My TV failed to sync, stating there was a problem with the Internet signal. I contacted Samsung, who referred me to my cable Internet provider, (Cox Cable). All indications showed that the Internet signal was strong. I was even instructed to disconnected my Internet line from my TV and plug it into my laptop, which also confirmed that my signal was strong. Running a download test showed my speeds constantly in the 12's. Over the past two months, I made numerous calls to Samsung tech support asking for assistance and received only finger pointing, telling me it is either my Internet or Netflix. Keep in mind I was also unable to view Hulu. Samsung eventually sent a firmware upgrade link, (a $40.00 thumb drive was required) and I attempted to download the firmware upgrade into the TV. The TV showed that there was no upgrade for me. When I called Samsung back, I was told, "Your TV is too new for a firmware upgrade." Obviously, I went through the roof after purchasing a thumb drive; painfully taking steps to make sure the download was performed correctly only to find that this was all a huge waist of time, money and additional phone calls. Keep in mind, my TV, like most customers is mounted to the wall and assess to the rear of this 58" beast is no simple feat. During another call to Samsung tech support, I was walked through various tests and resets. During one call, the tech operator told me that that "I would have to call back, since I have been on the phone with you too long." When I asked why she couldn't stay on the phone and finish the reset? She replied that she had to go and hung up. I completed the reset and of course found that it did not correct the problem.

Frustrated, I immediately called back and asked for a tech supervisor. Again, I explained to him my frustration and of the numerous phone calls to Samsung, Netflix and Cox Cable. This time I was told that there have been problems with various apps and a repair was scheduled. A repair? This is a brand new television. I then began to research the Internet and found numerous postings from Samsung customers complaining of the same streaming video issues. I also found that on the Netflix website, under "problems with internet streaming," Netflix specifically states that owners of Samsung 6500 series televisions, (that's me) need to contact Samsung directly. To make this specific statement on their website proves that there are issues surrounding this particular TV. When my repair was scheduled, the specialist flat out told me that most likely replacing a circuit board replacement would not solve the issue since the problems are with the apps.

I am beyond frustrated and disappointed. What started as a carefully thought out and planned purchase has been a series of frustrating tech support phone calls and finger pointing between Samsung, Cox, Hulu, and Netflix, a consumer nightmare. Sadly now, all fingers now point directly to Samsung. If I could, I would return this TV but am now past the return date and at the mercy of factory authorized repairpersons. I am not looking forward to having a two-month old television repaired just as a new car buyer would not want a transmission replaced. All faith and trust is now lost in this product.
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