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NAD C270/C272 bridged running 4 ohm load, safe?

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Hi guys, this is my first post here. I'm planning on building a DIY sub and hoping someone can answer a question about the amps I'm going to use with it.

I have two power amps I can use, NAD C272 and NAD C270 (not sure which I'll use yet, they're both approx 300wrms). I'm planning on using a Dayton RSS390HF 15 inch driver in a sealed box and Paradigm X-30 external crossover. The only problem is this driver is 4 ohm (and Re is 3.3 ohm) and my NAD amps are only rated down to 8 ohm bridged. NADs are pretty good at driving tricky speakers but I would be very unhappy if I overheated and killed one of these amps. Not to mention buying the driver, building the enclosure then finding the amp would go into protection

Has anyone had any experience running 4 ohm speakers with an NAD amp bridged, bearing in mind that this will probably be driven quite hard at times?
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It's a shame that no one ever replied to this thread, since now this page shows up prominently when doing a web search for the NAD C270 or NAD C370.

So, to answer the original question for others who come along via web search in the future:

Yes, either of these two NAD amps should be able to handle 4 ohms while running in bridged mode. As I'm sure you know, (which is why you were asking the question), you do have to be cautious about lower impedances when running bridged (because that mode cuts in half the impedance that amp sees -- in other words, a 4 ohm load looks like 2 ohms to the amp).

But these two NAD amps in particular should handle the load with aplomb, because they have the built-in ability to compensate for the load presented. That's detailed in this Stereophile review of the matching C370, where they also show that the amp could drive a 1 ohm load when running in stereo, which means 2 ohms bridged is fine.

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I've been looking for the answer on the same question.

I have Paradigm Studio 100 V2 and NAD C160 Pre with NAD C272 in stereo mode.
So right now, I would like t fine another NAD C272 on the 2nd hand market and to bridge them in mono.
This way it should be ~400W for every speaker.
According to the http://www.stereophile.com/content/paradigm-reference-studio100-v2-loudspeaker-measurements review me speakers go under 4 ohms, therefore I was concerned regarding the amplifier impedance .

Additional answer was found here : http://forums.audioreview.com/amps-preamps/bridging-nad-maggies-14248.html
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