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using a DVD player with a converter box

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I recently purchased a converter box and a DVD player for an old analog television that I hadn't been using. The converter box is an RCA STB7766C, and the DVD player is a Philips DVP1013. I got the converter up and running without any problems, but I haven't been able to figure out how to view a DVD. I think the problem is that I'm unable to set the converter box to either channel 3 or 4, which I think is necessary to view the DVD output. The converter box does not seem to have an option for manual channel scan, only automatic, and it skips channels 3 and 4 even if the DVD player is on, with a disc inserted and (apparently) playing. Do I have to buy a converter that does have manual scan, or is the problem someplace else entirely? Any tips for me, internet?
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DVD players generally only have line outputs(audio and video). The converter boxes only have RF inputs(and they only tune DIGITAL channels at that, no ch 3 or 4, only 3.1 4.1 etc.) Converter boxes output analog channel 3 or 4 for older TVs.
If your TV is RF only and your DVD player is line output only(combos with VHS many times had RF(ch3 or Ch4 output)) then you'll need to buy a $20 RF modulator for your DVD player along with a A-B switch. Your converter box will go to one side of the switch, the DVD player(via the RF modulator) to the other side, finally the output will go to your TVs antenna input. To switch between digital TV and DVD player you'll need to manually switch the RF switch.
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Might be able to skip the A-B switch. Get a modulator with an antenna input connector and hook the converter box output to this port. Here's a common type/setup (not a brand suggestion):


This unit is supposed to automatically switch between antenna and accessory (ex: DVD player) when the accessory is turned on/off. May have to turn the converter box off when using the DVD player if interference occurs (i.e. too strong of converter box signal).

Note #4 under Using Your Modulator, although I would try unplugging the video source (DVD) power first if the problem occurs (easier).
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