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Dish vip722 errors

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Lately (last week or two) while watching tv through my Dish 722 dvr, I will get the "connection lost to satellite" screen popping up, interrupting my viewing, even when replaying a recorded show. But it's not really a lost connection - all I have to do is press the Guide button, then Cancel, and whatever I was watching (live or recorded) is immediately back and viewable - there is no waiting for the sat to sync up like during heavy rain, etc.

This has been doing this more and more to me lately. WTF????? I have a dish 1000+ oval dish with a clear view of the sky pointing at 4 sats. Its not a loss of signal issue.

I tried a hard reboot the other night. Didn't seen to change anything...
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Do you have an antenna connected?
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Having the same problem,serviceman tried a new modulator with no improvement. Checked the dish alighnment and connections and all were good. Problem started 8 months after I upgraded to the 722. Hope someone out there had a simular problem that was solved and can give some ideas.
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