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will these speakers work with this stereo tube amp?

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ok, so i'm an electromechanical technology major, but when it comes to spending lots of money on gear, i dont trust my own intuition.... so here's the lowdown. i am hoping to pick up a tube stereo amp very soon, and newegg's got some polk bookshelf speakers that would look really nice on my desk. i just want to know if these speakers will work properly with this amp. the output impedance on the amp is 4Ω-8Ω, as is the impedance of the speakers, so i believe that is ok, however the amp only puts out 5W for each of the two channels, but the power rating of the speakers is between 20-150W per channel. will the amp be able to drive these speakers enough to sound good? i want quality audio (i use apple lossless for my audio files, and i have some nice sennheiser hd280s), but i'm sorta on a budget hence why i'm interested in these two components. let me know what you guys think, and if u don't think these speakers are compatible, can you explain why and possibly recommend me a pair of polk bookshelf speakers from newegg that WILL match? links are provided below... thank you to whoever helps!


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I personally misdoubt you'll be able to drive any reasonable speaker to reasonable loudness with only 5 W (Paul Klipsch's famous quote aside). However, it may sound loud enough, especially since the single-ended tube amps distortion will likely be dominated by the bit smoother-sounding second harmonic distortion rather than the more typical (and worse-sounding) third... In fact, 1 W may be enough average power, but the ratio of peak to average in music is about 17 dB, a factor of 50 in power.

My concern over time is that clipping generates higher-frequency content that can damage your tweeters.

All that said, I love the sound of a good tube amp... - Don
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When using a low power amp one must use high sensitivity speakers. I suspect you'd need speakers with sensitivity greater than 100db. The Polks you mention are claimed to be 89db.
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Looks like your spending too much on amplifier and not enough on the speakers. You've got it backwards. Spend your budget on a nice set of high sensitivity speakers and $50 for this.
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