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Panasonic Reveals 3D Production Equipment Deal With AEG Digital


Panasonic's outfitting of the AEG Digital Media facility will allow AEGDM to create, produce and distribute music performances as well as boxing, comedy and other original production in full 3D HD.

The fully integrated 3D studio will enable smaller, more intimate performance productions, and interviews with concert performers, and will also be available for co-productions with outside producers and content owners who require a fully supported 3D studio production environment.

The 3D television programs produced by AEG Digital Media from their L.A. Live studios will be licensed to, among others, DirecTV's N3D channel, powered by Panasonic, which is launching in June. N3D will offer a full lineup of movies, sports, music and documentary programs and is the first full-time linear channel broadcast entirely in 3D.