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Pioneer VSX-1019AH AVR - SD up conversion 1080p - WORTH IT?

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Hey i read the owner's thread for the Pioneer AVR but didnt really find an answer to my concerns...

Now i am just gettin in to the the HD game bought a tv few days back (Panasonic TC-P50V10)

i do not have a lot of HD *HDMI* devices at the moment other then my PS3 an XBOX360

i have a regular Red Yellow White cable box from Bell *TV service Provider*

My question to you...

My tv does a decent job at displaying the regular SD programming *through the receiver*... at the moment i do not have any HD channels...

Most of the time my parents are watching basic SD channels *esp those with international programming*

would the AVR's upscalling technology bring the picture quality to a higher def... obviously it wont be like bluray performance... however i was wondering if its sufficient enough to take the plunge...

i plan on buying Surround sound speakers but im starting with buying a decent receiver first...

so will it help in enhancing in watching the SD tv experience?

Which receiver would provide the best up conversion?
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I don't know if I'd drop $300-400 on a receiver for upscaling purposes. I have the VSX-9040TXH (the bigger brother to the VSX-1019) and I can't tell the difference between my TV's upscaling (Samsung LN40A550) or my receiver's. I would try to use the money to upgrade the source (i.e. HD programming and a newer cable box). Then again this is all my opinion and what I have experienced.
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If you're interested in the Pioneer line-up for 2010, the 1019's successor is the 1020, which will be released soon (next week mostly?). And Pioneer have added a new model in their non-Elite line-up, the 1120, which would supposedly be having a better video chip (Marvell). However, it would cost $200 more than the 1020. Premium price to pay, for those who want it.

IMO, it is best to let the source or the display itself do the upscaling, rather than the AVR, especially an AVR at the lower price range.
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at the moment midrange price for a av reciever isnt of value... and esp im taking baby steps towards building my home theater...

so based on wht you guys are saying

watching SD channels through the receiver's up conversion isnt NOTICEABLE...

i just hate how the INTERNATIONAL programming looks...

n the tv set that i have *Panasonic TC-P50V10* HAS BEEN SAID to do a poor job at scaling... although its hard for me to tell since i havnt compared it to anything else...

will i receive benefits from purchasing a better cable/satellite box?

esp considering ill be watching the same SD channels on them...
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I would think to get a noticeable improvement you would have to step up to a $1000 or so AVR. Even then, performance may not be what you are hoping for. The Reon chip is one example that tests well, Anchor Bay has a chip but can't remember the number on it. It is in the higher end Denon units.

For me, it isn't worth the expense. I am almost exclusively HD for TV and the few SD channels are tolerable.
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Originally Posted by darshan_4 View Post

would the AVR's upscalling technology bring the picture quality to a higher def...

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From what I've read, there aren't many AVRs that will beat the upscaling of the better panel TVs. I have a Pioneer VSX 21 TXH and a VIZIO 50" plasma. I can't see a noticeable difference between the Pioneer and Vizio scalers. Your Panasonic upscaler does a good job, I saw a demo @ Best Buy.
You need the better, HD, cable box and a good quality Blu Ray player to take full advantage of the 1080P for max quality viewing.
The AVR, speakers, and an excellent sub will complete a fine system start and add much pleasure to viewing your new plasma panel TV.
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I also have a similar scenario as darshan_4. At the suggestion of my brother, I need to seriously step up my home theater game (seriously, he won't even watch a movie at my house if I use my home theater, it is THAT bad).

My set-up is a Sony 52V5100. I have a Samsung BR BDP-1600 (I think) with tv from direcTV (HD-DVR HR-22). I am looking to start with a better receiver. I would like to keep it under $500 (my current 5.1 Pioneer is 8 years old so I figure anything will be a significant step up at this point). I have a Polk Audio suround speaker set (the typical $399 set from Best Buy) with a slightly higher model polk sub. I also have a set of outdoor speakers connected to the same receiver on the "B" speaker channel so that we can listen to XM radio by the pool. At this point, I CANNOT use the rear surround speakers to watch a movie without my neighbors also enjoying a late night, louder volume Top Gun intro. I am going to start with a better receiver and then move onto speakers from there.

From what I read here, in this price range I probably shouldn't even worry about a AVR with upscaling. I like the HD picture from the satelite box now but standard def, especially Fox Soccer Channel, is just bloody awful. The DVR is run via HDMI so my question is, would an upcoverting receiver make ANY difference given that signal is already coming in via HDMI. I'm not opposed to moving up a couple hundred in budget here if it would make much difference.

Ideally, I would like to get a quality receiver that I can use my 5 speakers plus subwoofer for movies and TV use while being able to keep the pool deck speakers off. The units I am looking at are the Onkyo 7.1 607 series, the Denon 1910, Denon 790, Pioneer 1019 and Sony STR-DG1000. If any of these provided a better picture, great! But if that should not be a consideration in this price range, I would greatly appreciate a point in the right direction on receiver quality to build a better system. By the way I'm new to this forum sight so if you need additional info that is normally included, please feel free to ask!
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Originally Posted by schweich12 View Post

... I need to seriously step up my home theater game (seriously, he won't even watch a movie at my house if I use my home theater, it is THAT bad).

I have two older Pioneer receivers, myself, and I'm happy with them. I think the 1019 would work fine for you, though I've ordered a 1020 myself (only slightly over your budgeted $500), for the sake of better room calibration than I have now, and for its support of 3D TV and front height speakers. It does have upscaling, but I don't expect to be using that. I do expect to be using its upconversion feature, however.

When you decide to upgrade your speakers, let me suggest watching craigslist for a while. That has worked very well for me.
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Thanks for the tips Greg. I went looking for the 1019 and the 607 this weekend and all I could find were open box deals. Fortunately, the Onkyo 707 was on sale so I picked it up for $589. Now I have to just get it all calibrated.
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