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Setting up Insignia Converter Box and Pioneer DVD Recorder

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I believe I have done this setup correctly as I have been able to test getting the signal in via the RF input but I am seeing the picture scroll from left to right faintly in the background. This is bothersome and I have never seen this happen before. What am I doing wrong?

Any suggestions would be appreciated to correct this. Thanks. My test recording worked. If this should be moved to another section, please move.


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Since your question involves a DVDR it could either be here or in the DVD Recorders forum.
What you'll want to do is hook your antenna into your Insignia's RF input(antenna input) and your Insignia's yellow video output and L&R audio output to one of your Pioneers line inputs. Then on your Pio you'll want to select the input you've chosen. You'll do nothing with your Insignia's RF output or Pios RF input or RF output, they'll be unused.
All recording will be done from your Pioneers line input(not it's built in tuner).
If your TV doesn't have a built in digital tuner then you'll need to have both the Insignia and Pio ON in order to just watch live TV or record. You'll also lose the ability to record one channel while watching a different one, unless you buy a second converter box.
As far as your Insignia, you'll want to set it's output to 16:9 squished or it might be labeled 16:9 full screen. This way you'll get true anamorphic DVDs, which is good.
Lastly if your TV does have a digital tuner then you'll want to install a 2 way splitter from your antenna with one side going to your Insignia and the other directly to your TVs RF input. This way you could record one digital channel (from your Insignia) and watch a different channel on your TV (using it's built in tuner).
I'm not sure about your scrolling picture, I haven't seen that with my Insignia CECB. Digital usually either works or not, unlike analog which could have ghosting or rolling pictures.
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The faint scrolling horizontal background image is some sort of interference, probably from some other device with an RF output nearby or connected to your equipment.

As jjeff said, don't use the RF (ch 3/4) connections. Use the Audio/Video jacks. That will eleminate the interference problem and give you a slightly sharper picture, and stereo sound.
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Ah... Both of you--Thanks for taking the time to reply. Will try your suggestions today. I had used the RF inputs..did not realize I did not need to use these. Appreciate it. Elizabeth
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