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I have TWC in the Raleigh, NC area with a SA 8300HD running Mystro. When I program my box to record I usually have it start a minute early and end a minute late to cover any timing issues with the individual channel. Often I end up recording back to back shows on the same channel. Particularly if a channel is having a "marathon" for a show and I am trying to catch some back episodes. This results in two minutes of overlap, requiring two tuners. Why can't a DVR be programmed to recognize this situation and just start recording another file from the same tuner before the first show is finished. There is no way to do a work around because with the 8300hd and Mystro I can only record shows not set a recording time.

I was recently looking at what Tivo was offering with their new units. They still have only 2 tuners and it has the same issue. It will allow you to schedule a recording time so you can effect a work around by recording both shows as one block. But you are stuck with one recording. You can't break it up into two files later. One of the most common complaints I see regardless of the DVR make is the need for a unit with more than 2 tuners. I wonder how much of the demand is for this reason?