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how many people are intersted in nintaus pdvd-n9769 if it is available in usa?  

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I have a ongoing relationship with them, and would like to know how many people will be interested if i can bring the product into US. The unconfirmed price with shipping should be $250.

Please let me know by posting here or send me a email.


here is some of the spec:

powered by Sage's FLI2200 de-interlacer with DCDiâ„¢ technology by Faroudja
powered by Zoran VADDIS IV DVD decoder
outputs both PAL and NTSC progressive signals
built-in HDCD decoder
built-in PAL-to-NTSC and NTSC-to-PAL converters
Product DVD Player
Manufacturer Nintaus
Model Number PDVD-N9769
Media Support DVD-Video, CD, Video CD,
CD-Rom (MP-3), CD-R
Component Out (480i) Yes
Component Out (480p) Yes
RGB (VGA) Out Yes
Other Video Out S-Video (1), Composite (2)
Audio Out Coaxial (1), Optical (1),
5.1-channel Out
Built-in Dolby Digital Decoder Yes
Built-in DTS Decoder Yes
Regional Coding All
Capability of Playing back DVDs with
Regional Coding Enhancement (RCE) Yes
Color System Support NTSC / PAL
Voltage 110-240V, 50/60Hz
Dimension 430 x 71 x 288 mm
(w x h x d)
Weight Approx. 3.5kg
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I would be.

I would like to see a review by someone like Stacey Spears though.

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Here too...

As long as the price is less than just ordering from Nintaus direct and there is no Macrovision, region-free and is a VGA port.
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would be interested if quality is not an issue, like the $150 Daewoo 900. the malata w/ vga o/p is priced too hi at $400.
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got it. where can i found stacy spear? i have a reference sample here, and i don't mind to send to him to review. even better if he is in bay area (California, SF) .. i can just drive over.
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I'm in the market, just trying to figure out which $300 DVD is going to give me the best picture on a Zenith 895X FPTV. I await more reviews from someone who owns one of these Nintaus. Thanks
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Madman, here is sspears (Stacey Spears) profile: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/membe...info&userid=27

Homepage: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/

Private Mail: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/priva...sage&userid=27

Location: Sammamish, WA, USA

Bio: Stacey Spears is our Video Editor. Currently, he is a Software Test Engineer at Microsoft, located in Redmond, Washington, where he spends most of his time working with the BackOffice group. Stacey holds a BS in Computer Information Systems, and has been involved in the use of computers for over 12 years. After high-school, he spent 4 years in the US Army traveling around to such places as Korea and Saudi Arabia (Desert Shield/Storm). After the military, he headed off to school, and survived by working part time at the Los Angeles Times. After graduation, he ended up as PC support for Carole Little (Fashion Company). Following several months of fixing printers and re-booting computers, Stacey moved on to Pacific Bell Mobile Services to help them track the build-out of their PCS phone network. He is now working at Microsoft during the day. He has enjoyed Music and Film for as long as he can remember, and has been a hardcore Audio/Videophile for the last several years. When he is not working endless hours at Microsoft, he can usually be found somewhere in the Seattle area checking out the latest film, or at home watching the latest DVDs. He can be reached at staceys@hometheaterhifi.com

Photo: http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/images/staceyphoto.jpg
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I just went to hivizone and found out that they do not do retail, and the shipping cost to u.s. is about $80!!! wow. trying to make up the margin like our u.s. retailers? they learned fast!

so how is the quality? any consensus?
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I would contact Stacey and make arrangements to loan him your evaluation unit for testing. This could do a great deal towards generating interest in the player. Many people are interested in the Nintaus, but are looking for more test results/user evaluations.
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I would be, *ONLY IF* it'll be the region-free version with the VGA out jack.
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Count me in
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nekobus, i am up for the testing with Mr. Stacey. I will pop him a email tonight. i totally agree with you.

as you guys know.. as the amount of unit increase, the price will go down.. i am trying to import ths in larger quantity.

The unit as it is, is REGION FREE, along with another feature that is common from china made DVD player. While the region may be able to stay, the other special feature have to go if i am to import them in the quantity that i want.

please send a email to sales@techreactions.com with a subject "nintaus pdvd-n9769" if you are interested.
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What are these 'other special features' that have to go?

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No Interest if it doesn't scale non-Anamorphic DVD's like the RP91. And if course buying this unknown before it has been reviewed by several reputable reviewer is a MUST!
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eh, went ahead and ordered from HK... what the heck.
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I'm in. Please give us full detail about the features that will go or change.

Thanks. :)
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I'm very interested.. given the fact that this player:
1. Convert NTSC -> PAL perfectly like the Malata.
2. Region free (which it seems like it)
3. Progressive VGA out for NTSC & PAL.

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Edit - to clarify, I AM interested in one of these US based units if the RGB shifting problem is fixed. (I'm pretty sure that the subtitle problem can be fixed with new firmware, and I don't rely on conversion most of the time, but it is handy)

Originally posted by JoelO

1. Convert NTSC -> PAL perfectly like the Malata.
3. Progressive VGA out for NTSC & PAL.
If only these were true...

In my experience, the PAL<->NTSC conversion is always at the correct aspect ratio, but it can look stuttery if the material is mis-authored, and the subtitles always have nasty streaks in them making them difficult to read, at least with the current firmware revision...

The Progressive VGA out ifor NTSC and PAL is just as good as the Skyworth, except that on the Nintaus, the rightmost 3-5% of the screen is shifted down by a few scanlines, causing an odd seam. If you crop the overscan, this doesn't mattter, but I want full overscan, so the Skyworth is better in this respect.

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I'd be interested in one from the first batch. Thanks in advance for your effort.
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madman0, you've got pm!:)

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any update on having the unit reviewed by Spears?

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When would you be able to ship the units out if an order is placed with you?
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Madman? YOu there?

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