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Troubleshooting Help

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Not sure where to post this since it is more of a general video question. Hopefully, here is ok.

Just got my projector and screen installed last weekend and watched my second movie on it last night.

The Terminator. Although the brighter sections of the film were good in the dark scenes there were lots of white specs outlining dark objects. It was just a little normal specs, it was a bad white specked noisy outline of images.

Is this inherent to the Blu Ray or something in my equipment.

The equipment in the system is:

Blu Ray: Pioneer BDP-23fd
Receiver: Pioneer SC-25
Projector: JVC DLA-RS20

I'm running a 25 ft HDMI cabel from the Receiver to the Projector and a 5 ft. monoprice cable to the receiver from the Blu Ray.

Any thoughts?
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Best to post this in the projector areas, probably can find someone there who may have had similar issues. Is it "motion" related? Or does it always appear? Possibly a setting in the projector itself.
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