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colormunki photo or design

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I have the opportunity to buy a used colormunki design at a reasonable price. I can see that there are differences in the software package between the design and the photo version but it is not overly clear to me what those differences are.
It looks to me that the photo software package will be the better option for my needs but unfortunately it is not the version that I am able to buy used. I therefore wonder if it is a possibility to download the “photo” software package and use it with at “design” meter?

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yes, you can dl the other version's software... go for it! BTW, your dilema could have been answered by simply going to the xrite site and looking on the download pages

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OK. Thank you so much :-)
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Hello Splotten,

My name is Mary DeCator and I am the lead Technical Support Specialist working on the ColorMunki product lines at Xrite. After reviewing your post I just wanted to take a moment to respond to your questions regarding the ColorMunki Photo and ColorMunki Design packages.

As JimWhite has stated you can certainly download the latest versions of the software from our Website and we maintain the latest updates here as well to ensure compatibility with the current and newly released Mac and PC platforms. However I wanted to make sure that you are aware that the ColorMunki Design device will only connect to the ColorMunki Design software and visa-versa for the ColorMunki Photo.

That said, the main functionality between the 2 programs are nearly identical. The differences between ColorMunki Design and ColorMunki Photo are primarily in the design of the software interface. ColorMunki Design opens with a palette display, inviting designers to scroll through and pick and choose colors to assemble color palettes. Intuitively, this is how designers work, and the interface is set up in this way.

The ColorMunki Photo interface is somewhat more 'utilitarian' in nature. The user is prompted with links for workflow, i.e., 'calibrate my monitor', 'profile my printer', 'match my screen to my printer', etc. Clicking on any of these links will immediately launch this feature. Professional photographers typically want to 'get down to business' right away, and the interface reflects this.

Functionally, the products are very similar. ColorMunki Design allows a users to synchronize color palettes to a printer profile, whereas ColorMunki Photo allows you to synchronize images to the printer profile. When profiling a printer, ColorMunki Design allows users to extract a color palette from an image, and fine-tune the printer profile for this palette, whereas ColorMunki Photo allows you to optimize a printer profile to an image by selecting the primary colors within that image. For example, if the photographer is using mainly portraits, they select an image that contains mainly flesh tones and the optimize profile will select mainly these flesh-tones and neutral colors in the optimized profile to bring the gamut closer. The Digital Pouch feature is unique to ColorMunki Photo, allowing a user to send an image file digitally, together with the appropriate profiles to allow users on the 'other end' to view and output the image optimally as the photographer saw it.

I would be happy to send you a brochure that compares these products as well, simply send me an email at ColorMunkiSupport@xrite.com. I hope that you find this helpful and that you enjoy your ColorMunki purchase moving forward.

Thank you,

Mary DeCator
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