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Ghost image help

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The issue is a slight ghost image to the right on everything on the screen. I decided to post this here because my 360 is the only device this happens on, hopefully it something that can be figured out. Pictures showing the issue are below. It's really quite annoying in games, and in general.

Ok, the set up

Xbox 360 w/component out to
Yamaha RX-v465 w/component out to
LG 50PK550 plasma

Other devices
Wii - Composite
Cable box - component

Everything goes to the receiver, then with it respective connection to the TV. The Xbox is the only device that has the issue, hence why I posted here. If I have the Xbox on, and open the TV's menu, the menu is crystal clear, but the Xbox image still has a ghost. I only have the one cable for the Xbox, so I can't really test out another. Any ideas on what this is, maybe a setting somewhere? The Xbox is set to 1080P.

Here is the Xbox screen with the TV menu up ...

The cable box menu to show that other component isn't doing it ...

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looks like a bad cable to me, or possibly interference on said cable
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#1. Try swithcing between the Cable Box Component and the 360 Component
#2. Try the Xbox 360 alone.
#3. Reset the Xbox 360 Display settings

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I have this same problem, i.e. a slightly shifted ghosted image of everything, when I use my Xbox 360 with my PC monitor via a third-party VGA cable. The cable is probably not the greatest, but I loaned it to my friend and he reported that it worked fine (i.e. he did not notice any ghosting) with his Xbox 360 and his monitor. I don't have the problem when using component to my regular HDTV.

As noted above, it could be the cable, or it could be interference of some type.
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The only time I get that is with my old VGA cable. It has to be the cable you're using.
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