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I've found lots of posts about overscan problems in V-MCE in this forum, but none fixes what's happening to me.

Panasonic TH 42PZ80
HP G60 Notebook, Intel T3400 @ 2.16Ghz, 3GB Ram
Vista Home Premium

I have the laptop screen turned off, and connect HDMI to the Panasonic.
Desktop is perfect at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz

MCE worked fine for about a year but now one user (I have two, an "admin" and a non-admin "media" user), the "media" one, overscans both on live TV and recorded TV playback. It does this whether full-screen or in a window. On channel "Dave" only the bottom-right quadrant of their logo is visible, the rest is cropped.

I've tried the suggested fixes in here, particularly going through MCE setup:
Settings | TV | Configure your TV oir Monitor | Identify your display type and setting it to "Television". I've also tried "Monitor", "Flat Panel" and "Projector". None resolves this.

The "admin" user continues to work fine.

I'm thinking I must have a registry setting wrong for this user somehow.
Anyone any idea which setting?
Or maybe I can copy (export/import) some of the registry tree for user "Admin" into the "Media" tree? If so, what registry tree?

Or maybe I should just create another user?

Any advice gratefully received.