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About 9 months ago I bought a SkyFi boombox that had the radio still in it at a thrift store, it looked like it hadn't been used in some time. I was intending to use the boombox to dock my SkyFi 2. However I got the thing home and the original SkyFi (old orange lit one) was still working. I figured I'd use it until it deactivated. Fast forward 9 months. I still works. I usually listen to it all night long so its not like it hasn't been used a lot. In regards to the deactivation signal well I had another SkyFi 2 which was in my wifes car and was not powered on since she transferred it to a new radio. I plugged it in, it worked for 5 minutes and deactivated. If they were sending out deactivations that day the SkyFi was on nearly the entire day and still works. Did XM ever offer lifetime subscriptions back when this radio first came out?